By: Frank Giorno

The future of Timmins as a mining centre was highlighted in outgoing Mayor Tom Laughren’s final State of the City speech earlier this week. Laughren who served two terms as Mayor commencing in 2006 before deciding not run in the 2014 election.

“When people think of Timmins, the image that often comes to mind is mining exploration, mining production and mining supply,” Laughren said. “In fact the mining industry employs thousands and...

Glory days! Our Women's Soccer squad takes bronze in the OCAA championships! A first for Cambrian's women's team, and an amazing result! 1-0 final score over Humber Hawks. Cambrian College Athletic Centre
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Washington's Columbia River Gorge is a great place to get back to nature. Plan your Washington trip at
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By-Elections Public Notice - Verification of Nomination Report • Theresa Hall - Accepted • Lawrence Martin - Accepted • Annie Metat - Accepted • Edward J . Nakogee - (not received at time of report) • Peter M. Nakogee - Accepted • Roderick William Sutherland - Accepted • Peter William Wesley - Accepted Read official report here:
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The Hunger Games Catching Fire teen event on November 7th is coming soon! Ever wonder about the science behind the strange fictional creatures seen in the Hunger Games arena? These creatures are something called Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO's. The gene sequences of these strange creatures have been deliberately tampered with to create unique and sometimes terrifying animals. In Catching Fire, The Capitol creates a hybrid bird called a JabberJay, meant to be a spy among the common people of the 12 districts. When released into the wild, the JabberJays mated with Mockingbirds, to create the MockingJay, which will repeat whatever it hears. Although in reality it wouldn't be possible for Mockingbirds and Jays to mate, there is some truth in the reference about Mockingbirds being great mimics. Appropriately named as a bird that 'mocks' the calls of other birds, reptiles, amphibians and even man-made sounds like car alarms, a single male Mockingbird can have up to 200 songs in its song repertoire! See you at the event!
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#Philadelphia- get ready to lace up your boots. We’re NOW OPEN on Walnut Street! #tblphilly
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Although this was a game I watched for personal purposes, my camera was attached to my hand prepared to get some snapshots! All photos were taken with my olympus point and shoot. #OnePride, #firstnfl, #defendtheden, #oneofmybestmemories
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Tonight and tomorrow are your last chances to experience Halloween at Dynamic Earth! $5 off admission between 3 and 5 p.m. and the first 50 children in costume receive a FREE Pumpkinferno pillowcase for trick or treating! More details at
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Want to enjoy the ultimate hockey experience at the Sabres vs Leafs game on October 28th in Toronto? Text LEAFS to 555 for a chance to score a pair of seats in the Gondola Box.
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The Owners’ Event is the sale that Doug made. And #YWG is the city that made Doug. Won’t you make it out?
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Happy #ShoeLover Day! How do you express your shoe love?
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