By: Frank Giorno

Gold has undergone an epic journey over the years. Wars have been fought for gold. Explorers have crossed oceans and marched across vast continents to find it. Pirates chased gold bearing ships to steal it. Ancient empires built temples to the gods.

As Pindar the 5th Century B.C. poet viewed it "Water is best, but gold shines like fire blazing in the night, supreme of lordly wealth."

One thousand years later Christopher...

UPDATE 1-Rockwell Automation profit beats on higher U.S. sales
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Your #weekend needs a little adventure. Shop the Thorton: #inmyelement
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It's Travel Caption Saturday! Leave your best caption for this image in the comments below, but keep it clean! We will select the best one and put it in the Travel Caption's photo album.
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When are you most in your element? #inmyelement #surfing #photography
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What do you know about festive parades? Santa Claus is coming to town! La parade du temps des fêtes c'est aujourd'hui, ne manquez pas ça!
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Employees from Golder’s office in Stockholm, Sweden, ran the Stockholm Tunnel Run on Saturday wearing high-visibility Golder Trust for Orphans t-shirts! Golder has been providing specialized consulting services for the Northern Link Highway project since 2006. We are proud to see the finalized tunnel during the one time only Tunnel Run before the grand opening!
21 hours ago
Did you know? About 96% of all US roads - 2 million miles - are paved with asphalt.
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Have a good weekend everyone! A sneak peek of our new Convict hi-vis glove brand teaser will be posted on Monday! 3 more sleeps #escapethedark #handprotection #moviemonday
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Council of Chiefs Special Meeting View Draft Agenda Here -
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Welcome to Round 3 of the Destination Draft. This week, we're asking you to tell us who you would choose for your dream tailgater trip. Tag the friends you would draft in the comments.
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