By: Frank Giorno

Rare earth elements (REE) are not top of mind when one thinks about mining, but their increasing importance in today’s economy and a number of supply-side issues are making REE mining a priority in Canada.

The development of a secure Canadian supply of REE is so important that commencing in November 2013 the House of Commons Standing Committee on Natural Resources conducted hearings into the REE Industry in Canada. A report summarizing the evidence...

Astronauts to make robotics repairs during 6.5-hour spacewalk
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Here is our Calgary Branch in their normal work attire! Looking good team! #halloween #workhardplayhard
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Whether you're handing out candy to the goblins and witches, spending time with family and friends, or getting prepared for some intense trick-or-treatin', we wish you all a safe and happy Halloween!
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Have you ever taken a picture or video of an animal and posted it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, Flickr? If are now a citizen scientists!! Biologists have discovered a new source of information to gain data on biodiversity...through social media. The article linked below explains that the pictures and posts that people put on social media sites like Flickr can be used to discover new behaviours and range data of species around the world. Because most pictures are now taken with smartphones, each picture or video is automatically embedded with a time stamp and geotaged, so real scientists can gain some useful insights about the biology of species they study. This short article is worth the read, check it out at the link below....and keep taking and sharing your animal pictures and videos with the world! :) Posted by: Meghan Mitchell, Science Communicator Lakes and Rivers Lab
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Send us a photo of you in your costume or tweet/instagram it with the hashtag #cambrianhalloween
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Read in this case study how using wireless Steam Trap Monitors increased efficiency at a coffee plant in Mexico
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#DYK? If exposed to extreme high pressures graphite may turn into diamonds. Graphite is mined in #Ontario in operations like Portland Graphite Project near Kingston, Ontario.
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City transit staff will be on campus next Tuesday! Staff will be set up in the foyer area of the cafeteria at the College Drive Campus for the day. City transit is interested in hearing students’ feedback about the current transit system and potential changes. Please take a minute and stop by their booth.
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We take Halloween very seriously and we have all dressed up! We will be posting our awesome costumes soon! Happy Halloween!!!
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What's the best way to carve a pumpkin? with a machine of course! - Happy Halloween! -
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Mining Life portal accommodates a diverse range of voices and amplifies them from one common platform. All participants of Mininglifeonline can control their own content on their own pages. So if you have the eyes of the world reading, what would you say or do? Benjamin Franklin said this: “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing!” Call us and will explain how you can add your content to
You got a hot mining property, maybe you have the newest and latest tool that will revolutionize the industry. Our engineers have buzy putting the finishing touches on our own webinar platforms. We will be able to steaming live presentations over the net and your audience can engage with the presenter. Give us call and we will gladly explain the benefits of our “MAKE YOUR PITCH” program.
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