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Construction Services

Aug 28, 2013

DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems: known worldwide for quality and flexibility
DSI develops, produces and supplies Post-Tensioning systems to meet the exacting demands of global markets. DYWIDAG and SUSPA Post-Tensioning Systems are characterized by their superior load-carrying performance, durability and simple design. They ensure safe, efficient and economic use in prestressed concrete structures. For many decades, DYWIDAG systems have been famous for their extraordinary versatility and reliability.
DYWIDAG Strand Post-Tensioning Systems are used in bridges, buildings and dams around the world. As a result of our ability to vary the number of strands in our tendons, our systems offer a high degree of flexibility and can always be adapted to suit individual clients’ needs. DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning strands are ETAG 013 approved and authorized for cryogenic use including the construction of LNG- and LPG tanks. 
DYWIDAG Bar Post-Tensioning Systems have been synonymous with superior technology, quality and absolute reliability for many decades. Today, post-tensioning bars are primarily used for repair and strengthening projects.
Stay cables are used in bridge construction projects all around the world. According to their specific project requirements, clients have a choice between the DSI DYNA Bond® or the innovative DYNA Grip® Stay Cable System. In addition, DSI has developed monitoring systems such as the DYNA Force sensor system in order to insure consistent and cost-effective load monitoring of stay cables.

DYWIDAG Geotechnical Systems: Highly reliable and efficient

DSI offers a complete system of ground and rock anchors, soil nails and micropiles for geotechnical applications. GEWI® Piles and DYWI® Drill hollow bars are well respected as innovative solutions worldwide.

No matter whether your concern is the permanent or short-term stabilization of slopes, the securing of tunneling projects, the anchoring of buildings or protection against uplift forces - DSI is your certified system provider.

Superior corrosion protection methods as well as modern monitoring ensure the reliability of all DYWIDAG Geotechnical Systems. DSI also offers the necessary equipment for the professional installation of Geotechnical systems. If desired, DSI’s engineers are always at your disposal to monitor system installation and to support specialized local underground engineering companies during installation and tests.

DSI “Concrete Accessories“– Specialized Products for the Construction Industry
DSI’s “Concrete Accessories” division consists of several DSI companies offering a complete product range for the construction industry. The range of products includes formtie accessories, spacers, dowels, joints, special mortars, lifting and fixing tools, chemicals and admixtures for concrete structures and lifting tools for the precast industry.
Mandelli-Setra is a leading manufacturer of plastic concrete spacing accessories and a supplier of other accessories for the construction industry. The DSI company offers its clients a wide and innovative product portfolio, always consistent with its philosophy of providing its customers with one-stop shop service. Artéon is the DSI company for lifting tools for precast concrete and for fixing elements for the construction industry. Artéon’s universal lifting system has been used for more than 25 years, always ensuring the safety of clients on site.

Following the principle "concrete made to order", Technique Béton is the DSI specialist for concrete admixtures, special mortars, waterproofing products, and LAROCHE® products for concrete spacers. DSI Porta Westfalica produces high- quality sealing and formwork systems. The company’s product range has been successfully marketed under the brand name of recostal® for over 25 years.

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