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Auden Property

Apr 15, 2015

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The Auden Property covers the eastern portion of a greenstone belt, which lies approximately 110 kilometres to the east of the Beardmore-Geraldton greenstone belt. Interpretation of regional government airborne magnetic suggests that the Property represents the east extension of the Beardmore-Geraldton greenstone belt.
In October, 2013 GTA Resources flew an airborne electromagnetic and magnetic survey on Auden, the results of which are not yet available. Several conductive zone targets had previously been identified on GTA’s central claims from an earlier airborne survey flown in 2008. The new airborne survey will be composed of an east block and a west block which will complete the EM and magnetic coverage on the entire claimholdings.
Interpretation of that 2008 survey over the area clearly shows a major regional geological structure. This structure strikes in a general east-west direction across the Property. Major deep seated structures similar to the structure on the Property, show a close spatial relationship to gold occurrences and major gold deposits in other areas of northern Ontario and Quebec. Examples include the Destor -Porcupine Fault in the Timmins-Matheson area, the Cadillac-Larder Break, and the Casa Berardi Break in northwest Quebec.
GTA has owned Auden since 2010 and is the single largest land holder in the area. The Auden Property is south of the Albany Property of Zenyatta Ventures Ltd. who recently discovered vein-type graphite (hydrothermal) mineralization while testing electromagnetic (EM) targets. The mineralization has been described as occurring in breccia pipes (diatremes) having dimensions in the order of 200 m by 400 m. (www.zenyatta.ca). The deposits are further described as containing the largest and only high purity “hydrothermal” graphite mineralization being developed in the world. Furthermore, GTA’s management and geological consultants believe that the graphite breccia pipes that exist on Zenyatta’s Albany project are similar to kimberlite pipes (diatremes) and are likely to occur in clusters along structural corridors. Future exploration on the GTA claims will focus on identifying similar targets.
Based on historical drilling, encouraging gold mineralization is known to occur on the Property, and gold mineralization occurs in a variety of geological settings. Previous exploration on the Property has identified gold mineralization associated with sulphide facies iron formation, silica facies iron formation, quartz-carbonate-touraline veining with mafic volcanics and volcanic tuffs, metasediments mineralized with pyrite and pyrrhotite and conglomerate mineralized with pyrite and pyrrhotite.  The Auden property geology is also quite favourable for hosting other commodities including platinum group elements (PGE) , base metals (Cu, Ni) and vein graphite.
The property is located within the traditional lands of the Constance Lake First Nation and negotiations are underway to complete an exploration agreement.

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