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Advisory Services

Jul 6, 2020
Personalized tailor-made services, according to your specific needs. You can count on our experts to provide you with solutions that comply with regulations and bring you peace of mind.
Customs Consulting Services
  • Customs value
  • Tariff classification
  • Advance Ruling Requests
  • Origin criteria
  • Drawback and transfer of rights
  • Tariff relief requests
  • Calls to the CBSA and the CITT
  • Regulations of other government departments (AMG)
  • Customs compliance
  • Free trade agreements
  • Customs programs (PAD, C-TPAT, PEP)
  • Company training
Customs compliance
As an importer, do you manage customs compliance by rolling the dice or controlling your risks?
Following the implementation of the administrative monetary penalty system (RSAP), penalties for customs non-compliance have become a reality affecting all stakeholders affected by various regulations.
If you are unsure of the monetary risks in this regard, make sure you understand your obligations and assess your position accordingly.
At Axxess, we attach great importance to ensuring that the importer profile of our customers complies with customs regulations. Our role is to protect your interests by ensuring the correct tariff classification, origin and customs value of your goods.
To do this, we can assess your level of compliance, move to simulate a customs audit (CBSA *) and prepare a compliance plan specific to your needs.
If your company wants to take advantage of all these advantages and become a low-risk importer, do not hesitate to contact our experts for more information.
Our expertise:
  • Review of your importer profile
  • Preparation of a compliance plan
  • Risk Assessment
  • Analysis of AMG requirements
  • Analysis and review of the various Free Trade Agreements
Here are some examples of AMPS penalties:
C336 - Failed to pay duties owing on declared goods.
C005 - Has provided false, inaccurate or incomplete information.
C071 - Did not provide the certificates or information required before customs clearance of the goods.
C066 - Removed non-released goods from a bonded warehouse or duty free shop.
C082 - Did not correct the tariff classification within 90 days (reason to believe). No duties and / or taxes payable
C352 - Did not correct the tariff classification within 90 days (reason to believe). Duties and / or taxes payable
C274 - Goods declared as arriving but are not.
C345 - An exporter has not declared export controlled goods prior to export.
Canada's Free Trade Agreements
Canada has negotiated and concluded free trade agreements with several countries since 1989.
Here is the list of all agreements with their respective status:
Agreements in force:
  • Canada - European Union - September 21, 2017
  • Canada - Ukraine - 1 st August 2017
  • Canada - Korea - 1 st January 2015
  • Canada - Honduras - 1 st October 2014
  • Canada - Panama - 1 st April 2013
  • Canada - Jordan - 1 st October 2012
  • Canada - Colombia - August 15, 2011
  • Canada - Peru - 1 st August 2009
  • Canada - European Free Trade Association - 1 st July 2009
  • Canada - Costa Rica - 1 st November 2002
  • Canada - Chile - July 5, 1997
  • Canada - The State of Israel - 1 st January 1997
  • NAFTA - 1 st January 1994
  • Canada - United States - 1 st January 1989
Agreements concluded:
  • Canada - Trans-Pacific Partnership - March 8, 2017
The last agreement concluded in 2017 is in the process of ratification by all member countries.
Axxess can provide you with the assistance you need to review the Regulations and assess the benefits of the various Free Trade Agreements concluded by Canada.
The Customs Self-Assessment Program (PAD)
In 2001, the CBSA * implemented the CSA program, a new trade option for importers.
Thanks to the PAD:
  • Approved importers benefit from simplified accounting and payment processes.
  • Importers, carriers and drivers registered with the CSA benefit from a simplified customs clearance option for eligible goods.
We can offer you the following services:
  • Assessment of business activities for the TBP (eg risks and administrative systems).
  • Support, implementation and verification of PAD processes.
* The Canada Border Services Agency
Thanks to its expert consultants, Axxess can guide you in this process with the support of proven operational systems, implemented by PAD recognized importers since 2001.