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Applications For The Outdoor Industrial Environment

Jun 17, 2020
Selection of the right applications should matter to your business.
Selection of the right applications for your mobile fleet ensures you access the data that matters most to your business, not just leverage what’s available. The potential gains are big: improved productivity, improved asset health, and overall higher ROI.
Don’t be constrained by the OEM. Get the best of breed applications that are right for your operation.
With so many application options now available to the mining industry, why do so many still feel constrained to go only with applications provided by the heavy equipment OEM? Business level data set requirements must be given the proper weighting, when compared with operational, commercial, or other motivators that drive application selection.
The average number of applications that run on any single piece of mobile equipment has never been higher. Pressure from internal and external stakeholders as well as local and federal safety regulations have led the trend. Some of the typical applications deployed at site include:
  • Fleet management
  • Production reporting
  • Machine health
  • Machine Guidance
  • Autonomy and remote control
  • Safety
Proper application integration for streamlined operations.
Proper selection of the right applications for your mine not only ensures access to the appropriate data now but provides the flexibility to add more data as your business requirements evolve. Most applications also come with their own hardware. Multiple applications can quickly take over most of the real-estate in the cab of your heavy equipment. Equipment downtime quickly becomes an issue as more hardware is installed on-board.
At 3D-P, our approach to application selection is simple. We start each new project by consulting with our customers to determine their best fit. For example, in the case of data collection for fleet management or production reporting, we first strive to understand the data requirements such as, what data is required, frequency at which data is required, business road map and how the data is planned on being utilized. Then we work with the customer to determine how they want to analyze that data. Typically, three options are available – in-house built analytics, leveraging analytics packages that are custom made for the industry, or leveraging off-site third party big data analytics systems.
With that information in hand, we can help our customer access the required data, and deliver it to the appropriate analytics packages.
Partnership. The key to success.
With the objective of simplifying and improving the access miners have to their data, 3D-P has partnered with several applications vendors, especially around production and machine health. Utilizing the edge computing and store and forward capability of the 3D-P Intelligent Endpoint, we collect and deliver the data these applications require, all through a shared on-board interface that can make the data available to the multiple systems that may be required by the operation, and delivered via the seamless connectivity the IEP provides.
The result: selection of best-of-breed applications, lower CAPEX through application integration and reduced downtime through less hardware used.

Source: https://3d-p.com/applications-for-the-outdoor-industrial-environment/