K+S Windsor Salt Ltd


Why Choose K+S Windsor Salt LTD.?

May 30, 2020
K+S Windsor Salt Ltd., also known as Windsor Salt, is a part of Morton Salt Inc., located in Chicago, Illinois. Together, we employ close to 3,000 people in our salt mines, production sites, warehouses and offices throughout the United States, Canada and the Island of Inagua in the Bahamas.
Everyone knows Windsor Salt, the salt Canadians have trusted to flavour their meals for generations. We are proud that our brand has spanned decades and maintained its enviable position in the Canadian marketplace. We are also aware that it is thanks to our employees that we have become Canada’s leader in salt production. K+S Windsor Salt Ltd. offers its employees rewarding and enriching career opportunities, as well as desirable working conditions on many levels. We put everything in place to encourage team work, as well as the development and creativity of each individual.
Safety in the workplace is our Company’s priority. Our CEO states that “Nothing is more important than safety, Not production, Not sales, Not profit.” We have the lowest rate of safety related incidents in our industry. Without compromise, all of our development and production efforts revolve around the safety of our employees and our workplace.
We offer our employees numerous social advantages and a remuneration package that is at the forefront of the market. In addition to all the local corporate programs in effect, we offer a highly competitive employee benefit package and pension plan.
Our factories and salt mines are found in areas where subterranean resources are available. At each location, you will find a climate and atmosphere filled with respect, enthusiasm and local character.

Source: https://windsorsalt.com/careers/

Underground Miner / Mill Operator
This is a permanent position in our underground salt mining operation. Responsibilities include safe operation of mining equipment, operation and monitoring of processing equipment, conveyors, and working well in a team environment.
Heavy Duty Mechanic
This is a permanent position in our Maintenance Department. Responsibilities include safe repair, assembly, or rebuilding of machinery and equipment, and working well in a team environment.

The Production portion of this position is to provide accurate and detailed production information and to coordinate and manage the flow of this information from the Production Personnel through the computer, to management.

Shaft Mine Captain

Reporting to the Operations Manager or General Manager; Shaft Mine Captain is an all-encompassing role for two mine hoist plants (one winder and one Koepe hoist), all shaft related work including sump dewatering, all mine utilities (surface to underground), and complete hoist loading/unloading systems.

Mine Laborer

As directed, performs a variety of tasks from unskilled to skilled and is the labor pool from which additional or vacant bid jobs are filled on a daily, weekly or longer basis.


Under direct supervision of the maintenance foreman and mine foreman, is responsible for general maintenance, servicing, installation and construction of mine mobile and stationary equipment.