Montreal Tracteur


Jul 3, 2020
Even though Carlson is relatively new to the Montreal Tractor Inc. family, we’ve been selling and recommending their products for years!  Carlson makes the best screed plates in the entire paving industry and that’s why you’ll find Carlson screed plates on Roadtec, Cat, Vogele, Volvo, Bomag and Dynapac.  The Carlson pavers are a perfect fit for Montreal Tractor Inc. as it’s satisfies the needs for a small to medium sized paving jobs with the durability of a highway class paver.
Carlson paving products, Inc. Is the industry’s leading manufacturer of asphalt paving machinery for over thirty years. Located in Tacoma, Washington, Carlson designs, engineers and builds all of its products to the highest quality. With its award winning lineup of front- and rear-mount highway screeds, class-leading commercial paver platforms, and attachment innovations that enhance road and worker safety, Carlson partners with contractors to ensure they have the tools to succeed from driveway to interstate jobsites.


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