Missanabie Cree First Nation

Chief's Message

Jun 9, 2020
Watchay, Another month has come and gone in isolation and we have tried some imaginative ways of engaging members in this time of uncertainty. Our new hub coordinators have been hired as staff members now and we hope to see more engagement with people in those areas. Unfortunately we do not have hubs outside of Ontario yet, but we are looking at ways of reaching out to community members outside Ontario and even Internationally.
We have recently seen businesses open up, and it appears as though people are starting to interact within municipalities with less restriction. Please be aware, that there are going to be other waves of infection coming our way and we must be very cautious of how we proceed. Stop the spread of the virus by social distancing, wearing a mask, and staying at home when you can.
Be safe and be well,
Chief Jason Gauthier 
January 2020 - Along with attending the regular scheduled Chief and Council meetings, I traveled to Sioux Lookout, Ontario, to participate in the NAN Education Fiscal Management Working Group Project. There were a total of 14 NAN/Mushkegowuk communities participating. The focus of the three day meeting was implementing the education system within the community along with adapting best practices of an independent education system.
February 2020 - Attended the Tulloch Engineering presentation at the Thunder Bay hub which included the four optimal sites for housing to be built. Questions included:
  • How soon can development begin?
  • How will it work if families want to be housed in the same area?
  • Will there be a fee for services i.e. garbage?
I also attended the First Nations Housing Conference in Thunder Bay. From the number of workshops I attended, I now understand that creating our community and it’s infrastructure is not going to be an easy task. During the conference, It was suggested that a good starting point would be to create a committee to develop a general housing policy and agreement and hold strategic planning meetings with membership as it takes a collective approach to create a community. A First Nation in BC previously developed a Housing Policy Toolkit, which will be a valuable information package for our policy development committee.
Tulloch Engineering also presented to the Sault Ste. Marie hub. There was a lot of interest in the four identified areas as well. Questions were similar to those asked by the Thunder Bay hub members.
March 2020 - Tulloch Engineering also presented to the London hub. Aside from the similar questions asked at the
other hubs, a question was asked on how will the United States members would be informed of this information. Information on the presentation was made available on the MCFN website. After having a meeting with the Governance Coordinating Committee, Chief and Council were able to hold a face to face meeting .
April and May 2020 have been quiet months due to Covid-19 and the restrictions set in place by government in terms of attending meetings or conferences pertaining to my portfolio have been delayed. Chief and Council continued having their regular meetings via teleconference along with Covid-19 meetings on the alternate weeks.
I’d like to say chi miigwej to the Family Services team for their on-line programming. Great work and planning. It was uplifting for myself to be able to sing along with the hand drumming.
I would like to welcome the five new hub coordinators. Not only are you providing land-based activities, you are the’ baabishkan’ of keeping our community together.
I’d like to extend my condolences to the family members of those who passed over to the spirit world and also welcome to
the babies that were born.
Wanting nothing but the best for all… keep safe and healthy.
Band Councillor JoAnn Pezzo
Tanisi, Atamiskatowin and Hello
The summer (Nipin) season is soon to be among us, the vibrant buds, growth and new life will appeared. It is time of the year that mother earth rejuvenates herself.
With that being said, during this pandemic I hope all is well. That you are practicing social distancing, wearing a face mask when out and about, and washing hands often. This is a different time for all of us so please, remember to take time for yourselves, if only 5 to 10 minutes a day for your own wellbeing. Myself, I do work around the house, even if is just picking weeds, or going for a walk with my dog, I am out and getting refreshed.
Chief and Council, continue to meet weekly. Every other week is discussing Covid-19 issues and the following week are C & C issues.
Concerning the TLE, we are diligently pursuing the banks to expedite the remainder of the per-capita distribution.
This past month I participated in a webinar with Odonaterra (Community Environmental Strategies), Wakatowin and Mushkegowuk regarding a Forestry Impact Assessment.
I continue to volunteer at Kunuwanimano Child and Family Services, as vice chair on the Board of Directors and Well Being Rep for MCFN and Economic Development initiatives.
As previously stated, please do not hesitate to call, text or email me with any questions or concerns. If I can’t answer your issues right away I will gladly find the information you are wanting or needing and get back to you.
Hai Hai, Ekosi and Chi Miigwetch.
As always with honesty, unity, and in spirit of all communities.
Councillor Les Nolan, Deputy Chief
I hope this article finds you well and healthy during the pandemic. Our office remains closed to visitors, and staff are still working remotely. If you need to contact a member of staff please call the main office line and leave a message. Staff are checking their voicemails regularly and messages are passed along from reception to staff when checked (approximately 3 times a day).
Staff are working to update contact information for our members. If you have moved recently and have not provided us with an updated address and phone number please email jmarkie@missanabiecree.com and jharris@missanabiecree.com .
We have submitted applications for pandemic planning and food sustainability initiatives as well as begun sending out educational resources and support to community members. Both disposable and washable masks along with hand
sanitizer has been shipped for distribution through the hubs and the Family Services Team.
The new Online Programming Group has been set up on Facebook and continues to be a successful way to engage with the membership during the pandemic. We are looking at different communication tools to identify the one that works best. If you are having difficulty with the program please let the Family Services Team know.
Please understand that at this time, we are unable to make status cards for members. Also, at this time, Indigenous Services Canada is not providing status cards.
If you have an expired status card and are worried that you will be denied basic services such as health benefits, dental benefits, and tax exemptions that a non-expired status card would provide please read the informational documents on
pages 22-30. This information was to be provided to service providers from Indigenous Services Canada.
Just a reminder, at this time, due to the current legislation of Ontario regarding campgrounds and short term rental facilities, Island View Camp and all its facilities are closed. Once it is safe to open Island View, usage of facilities will be limited as guidance is provided under public health guidelines. We are currently developing a set of guidelines and procedures that will be in place if and when we are able to open for the season.
Stay safe and stay well!
Shereena Campbell
Band Administrator

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June 10, 2020
Inside this issue
Family Well-Being Worker

The Family Well-Being Worker will be providing support services to improve the quality of life for our elderly population of Missanabie Cree. 

Choose Life Coordinator

The successful candidate will be responsible for development and delivery of suicide prevention and intervention programs.


The community hub workers will be providing support services to the Missanabie Cree lovong in the hub city.


These positions will work at Island View Camp in Missanabie, These positions will assist with camp duties such as ground maintenance, cutting wood, cleaning cabins as well as the multipurpose, this position will also help with the community garden at Missanabie On.

Wurth Job Posting

In 2010, the Missanabie Cree First Nation successfully concluded an agreement with the Government of Ontario for a land transfer of 15 square miles of Crown land in the Missanabie area. 


SupervisorDirector of Operations. Location During COVID-19, this will be an entirely remote position, with available office space provided at SISCO office in London Ontario post-COVID-19.Summary. 

Lands and Resource Director

Missanabie Cree First Nation is looking for (5) Community Hub Workers in the following locations: London, Sudbury, Toronto, Wawa, and Thunder Bay. The Community Hub Workers will be providing support services to the Missanabie Cree living in their hub city.