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Commercial Services

Jul 10, 2020
Morgan Fuels works hard to meet our customers’ needs, understanding they are companies who are also working hard work to accomplish their goals. 
We have a team of highly-trained staff and a fleet of trucks to handle bush deliveries, drilling sites, tourism operations or your retail gas station.
We strive to be the company of choice in the transportation and energy field, providing quality products and services, with excellence in customer service and the highest regard for employee and public safety.
Available Fuels
  • Regular Gas
  • Regular Gas + Ethanol
  • Premium
  • Low Sulphur Diesel
  • Low Sulphur Dyed Diesel
  • Furnace Dyed
  • Jet A1 FSII
  • Avgas 100LL
  • Propane
Card Lock Locations
  • Key to Hwy Cardlocks: Sioux Lookout, Dryden
  • Morgan Fuels Cardlock: Red Lake, Pickle Lake
  • For all ESSO Key
*Please note, not all fuels are available at every location

Source: https://www.morganfuels.ca/commercial