Workplace Safety North / Ontario Mine Rescue

Course Descriptions

May 29, 2015
The primary focus of mine rescue training is on mine rescue team members, who require an on-going training regime to maintain and improve their skills and knowledge of mine rescue techniques and procedures. Training for support roles, as well as post-secondary students in mining-related programs, is also an important component of mine rescue. Courses available include: Introductory, Refresher and Advanced Certification; Technician Training and Technician Refresher, and Supervisory/Management Training.
Introductory Mine Rescue Program
This is a five-day, 40-hour, hands-on, competency-based program that introduces participants to the fundamental principles of mine rescue, and standard mine rescue procedures and equipment. Topics include: legislated requirements governing mine rescue, medical requirements of volunteers, mine gasses, respiratory protection for working in IDLH (immediately dangerous to life and health) situations, and care, use, maintenance, testing and servicing of the primary breathing apparatus (Drager BG4). Successful completion of the program results in applicants being granted a certificate.
Refresher Training
For mine rescue volunteers to remain active, they are required to attend six refresher training sessions each year to cover basic and advanced topics. Refresher training consists of custom prepared on-site training and is delivered by Mine Rescue Officer/Consultants. These sessions, including simulated emergencies, are conducted in an underground environment and apply standardized competency-based mine rescue practices and procedures.
Advanced Certification
Any individual who has been active in Ontario Mine Rescue for two years or more may attain Advanced Certification. Participants must learn and demonstrate the use of primary and secondary breathing apparatuses, standard equipment, and special rescue and extrication equipment. A written test must be completed at the end of the course regarding Ontario mine rescue functions and procedures. Upon successful completion, participants are provided with a seal to attach to their Ontario Mine Rescue certificate.
Supervisory/Management Mine Rescue Training
This course is specifically designed for those individuals likely to oversee mine emergencies.
Supervisory mine rescue training, or Day 1 of the Supervisory/Management course, is designed for underground supervisors who have no training in mine rescue. Training covers the history of mine rescue, mine gases, breathing apparatus, and underground emergencies. A written examination with a passing mark of at least 70 percent is required.
Management mine rescue training, or Day 2 of the Supervisor/Management course, is designed to give managers a thorough understanding of management's roles and responsibilities during a mine emergency. It consists of case study analysis, Control Group training, and a mine emergency response workshop. Refresher training should occur every three to five years.
Technician Program
The technician program is a comprehensive introductory three-day session that trains individuals in procedures for maintaining and repairing key equipment used by Ontario Mine Rescue. Topics include Drager BG4 apparatus troubleshooting and repair, Panorama Nova facemask rebuild, oxygen booster pump operation and SSR 90M servicing. To remain competent, a one-day refresher session as determined by needs is delivered by Mine Rescue Officer/Consultants.
For more information on mine rescue courses, contact Becky Barrett at 705. 671. 6360 x325