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Demolition and recycling

Jun 10, 2020
Our full range of hydraulic demolition tools covers the whole process from breaking and crushing to downsizing, sorting, cleaning and loading.
Turn your excavator into a tool carrier
Let your excavator become more than just a tool carrier - with our hydraulic attachments
Less weight - more power
Save time, money and the environment
Inventor´s experience
In Krupp times we have invented the hydraulic breaker - see what we have done in the meantime
Hydraulic breaker
Our concrete and rock breaker ranges for excavators of 0.7 - 140 tonns
Concrete cutter
Hydraulic concrete cutter for steel and concrete demolition in one bite
Hydraulic shears
Hydraulic steel cutter for industrial demolition and scrapyards.
Excavator magnet
Excavator magnets for clean demolition and construction sites
Hydraulic compactor
For soil and trench compaction
Excavator grapple
Hydraulic multi grapples for excavator, used in sorting and loading applications
Hydraulic pulverizer
Hydraulic bulk and demilition pulverizers for excavators of 18-40 tonns used in recycling and demolition applications
Crusher bucket
Our excavator bucket crushers crush all types of inert demolition material which can be re-used on site
Drum cutters
Excavator drum cutters used in rock excavation, demolition and trenching
Auger drive units
Our auger drives ideal for challenging soil and soft rock drilling operation
Screener buckets
Sort and separate rocks, crushed concrete and recycling material with speed and precision using our high-performance Bucket Screeners



Source: https://www.epiroc.com/en-ca/applications/demolition-recycling