Aug 21, 2013

AQUATECH has extensive roots in contract dewatering services, groundwater control and fluid transfer projects, having provided its services to clients throughout North America in the construction, mining, industrial and environmental sectors. We offer customized dewatering and drainage solutions for all geological settings along with comprehensive turn-key services, in addition to specialized dewatering and pumping equipment.


Being at the forefront of the industry, we’ve developed an inventory of superior dewatering, pumping and related support equipment to facilitate the most demanding of dewatering projects. We’re thoroughly versed in the environmental issues of today and all matters of regulation compliance, which is why we’re always developing our skills to employ the best dewatering technologies and techniques from throughout the world to better serve our clients.


Construction Dewatering and Excavation Dewatering.

For construction excavations and overburden soils and bedrock dewatering, AQUATECH offers installation, operation and removal of temporary groundwater extraction and aquifer depressurization systems in accordance with governing regulations. Our construction dewatering specialties include:

• Vacuum Wellpoint Dewatering Systems
• Vacuum Eductor Dewatering Systems
• Large Diameter Suction & Vacuum Wells
• Sump Well and Trench Drain Dewatering
• High Capacity Dewatering Wells
• Bedrock Wells


Quarry and Mine Dewatering

Quarry and mine projects are among the most demanding and require reliable support services as well as a substantial pumping equipment fleet. AQUATECH understands the demands of this industry and combines excellent equipment and dedicated service. Our quarry and mine dewatering services include:


• High Head Centrifugal Pumps and Systems
• High Head Submersible Pumps
• Tailing Pond Fluid Transfer Pumping
• Emergency Mine Dewatering
• Slurry Pumps and Systems for Underground Mining
• Durable Discharge Pipe and Hose Manifolds


Groundwater Extraction (Environmental)

On sites where groundwater has been impacted by contaminants, AQUATECH offers groundwater extraction systems as well as discharge filtration and treatment. Specific systems include:

• Pump and Treat Systems
• Discharge Filtration Systems
• Dual Phase Extraction Systems


Support Equipment

AQUATECH'S turn-key service requires an extensive support fleet which includes specialized (custom) drill rigs, boom trucks, support and service trucks, track mounted excavators, rubber tire loaders and material carriers such as large fork lifts and more.


The AQUATECH workhorse is our custom-built wellpoint and eductor well drill rig. This drill rig, built specifically for wellpoint and eductor well installation, was engineered with construction sites in mind. The CAT Excavator carrier on the rig gives us access to sites while minimizing the site preparation typically required for a rubber tire drill rig. Meanwhile, the AQUATECH Drill was designed to install and develop dewatering wells, and stands as industry leading technology. In addition, we offer high capacity overburden and bedrock dewatering wells with our truck mounted dual rotary DR24.

Vacuum wellpoint system pumps in excess of 540,000 gallons /day of groundwater to maintain dry excavation. Creek dewatering with fish baskets.





Dewatering system designed for complex layer geology using vacuum wells at varying depths and stages. Diesel Hudig vacuum wellpoint pump keeping excavation dewatered in Dubai.





Industry seminar on proper dewatering system and wellpoint installation. Mine dewatering 1.4 million/gallons day at 300’ vertical lift.





Mine dewatering - Aquatech uses diesel pumps powered with CAT engines for the ultimate in reliability and support. New type of dewatering wellpoints used to dewater trench with all discharge being re-injected back into aquifer.





Stormwater Management Pond (SWMP) dewatering using vacuum wellpoint system and discharge filtration using weir tanks (Enviro-Tank). Vacuum wellpoint system installed in a 2 meter subcut using Hudig wellpoint pump with oil-less vacuum (fuel consumption of less than 3 litres/hour).





Dewatering wellpoint system installed in a subcut. Aquatech technicians supporting pumping operation with heat tracing on discharge pipe for a northern mine dewatering project.


Accounting Clerk Maple Branch

The Accounting Clerk is a member of the Aquatech team that will oversee the finances, payment and payroll of the accounting department.

Sales Administrator Maple Branch

The Sales Administrator is a member of the Pump and Power Team who is responsible for expanding the sale and rental of AQUATECH’s pumping fleet by supporting the technical sales representative(s).

Junior Engineer Project Coordinator

The Junior Engineer / Project Coordinator will work closely with senior staff and as part of a team will be involved in the design, development and implementation of groundwater control and treatment systems.