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Explosive Engineering

Jun 9, 2020
EPC Groupe and EPC Canada are proud of their in-house expertise that can provide the highest level of technical knowledge. Our engineers are renowned within the industry, actively participating and shaping the future use of explosives.
Blast Performance Monitoring and Optimisation.
Blast performance monitoring goes hand in hand with blast optimisation, as you can’t manage what you don’t measure. The EPC Groupe has extensive expertise, technologies and skills in these vital areas of the blasting industry.
  • Explosives performance monitoring.
  • Face velocity monitoring and reaction times.
  • Fragmentation assessments.
  • Muck pile shape monitoring.
  • Blast design techniques employing optimised energy.
  • Carbon footprint calculations.


Blast Performance Monitoring with the Aid of a Drone. An Optimised Blast.


Environmental Monitoring, Prediction and Control.

EPC Groupe is acknowledged as one of the leading authorities in the control of the environmental impact of blasting operations. Services offered range from the operation of bespoke remote monitoring systems to the minimisation of vibration levels via linear superposition techniques used in conjunction with electronic detonators.
The group also has widely provided consultancy services in this area including public relations, advice on planning permits, the prediction of the impact of explosive demolitions and providing ‘planning to comply’ systems.
Example Output from Linear Superposition System.
Problem Solving – Energetic Engineering for Energetic Problems.
The group’s wide range of skills and expertise in the field of Explosives Engineering allows for excellent potential for problem solving in this complicated engineering discipline.
Open Detonation Monitoring and Prediction.


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