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Komplete Modular Solutions

Mechanical and Electrical Contracting

Jun 24, 2020

Komplete's team of certified mechanical and electrical professionals are certified to the highest industry standarts. Backed by our trusted partners, Komplete has built a strong reputation of existing as industry leaders in the area of technical expertise.

Our dedicated and passionate team uses the latest equipment and techniques to complete your project safely, on time and on budget. As technical industry experts, we manage every aspect of mechanical services including design, installation, repairs and preventative maintenance of your remote camp and site office modular project.
Komplete’s range of mechanical services include:
  • Design and installation of water and wastewater systems; above or below ground
  • Design and installation of propane and natural gas distribution systems
  • HDPE pipe welding and installation
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Lift station placement and commissioning
  • Air-condition commission and decommissioning
  • HVAC commission
  • General mechanical service, inspection and maintenance


Komplete’s range of electrical services include:

  • Design and installation of electrical distribution systems above and below ground
  • Generator power distribution
  • Car plugs
  • Fire alarm system
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Data and communication lines



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