Morgan Fuels

Our History

Jul 10, 2020


Morgan Fuels began servicing customers when it was founded by Ebenezer Morgan in 1935 in Sioux Lookout, ON. Ebenezer sold only land fuels in the early days: automotive gas, kerosene fuel and home heating oil. In 1969, his son Lew Morgan purchased the company and he then sold the family business to his son a Darrell in 1996. Today Darrell is the company president and in 2014 Max Morgan became the fourth generation member to join the Morgan family enterprise.



Neezer Morgan starts in the fuel business as an agent for British American Oil in Sioux Lookout, ON


Lew Morgan takes over his father’s business as the British American Oil Agent
British American Oil changes to Gulf Canada and then later to Petro Canada



Darrell Morgan becomes involved in the business with Lew Morgan



Darrell Morgan joins in with Carter Rice Esso the Imperial Oil agent in Sioux Lookout



Morgan Fuels buys the Sioux Lookout Imperial Oil Esso agency from Carter Rice


Morgan Fuels buys the Pickle Lake Imperial Oil agency from Carter Rice



Darrell Morgan buys Northern Fuels in Dryden, ON
Morgan Fuels buys the Imperial Oil agency in Dryden, Vermilion Bay and Kenora



Morgan Fuels Buys the Esso Aviation Dealership at Dryden Airport
Morgan Fuels buys the Av Gas dealership at the Sioux Lookout Airport
Morgan Fuels buys the Imperial Oil Aviation business in Manitoba


Morgan Fuels Buys Imperial Oil Esso Reseller business in Red Lake, Ontario.




Moved to a Cardlock at the Sioux Lookout Airport for AV Gas


Morgan Fuels opens a Cardlock Site in Pickle Lake