Triple R America Group

Perfectly Clean Oil

Jan 28, 2016
TRIPLE R bypass oil cleaners handle the total oil contamination problem by
  1. Removing up to 99% of all solid contaminants ( NAS 5 or better ),
  2. Reducing the water concentration to less than 100 PPM, and
  3. Eliminating resins and oxidation products.
This unique cleaning efficiency results in a tremendous package of benefits:
  • An important reduction in erosion, fatigue, abrasive wear and wear of critical clearances, which results in:
    • √  No blocking of narrow passages i.e. leading to valve malfunction. 
    • √ Completely reliable (servo-) valves and pumps; no more pump problems.
  • Stabile oil viscosity and acidity and perfect lubricating properties.
  • Increased fluid life by up to 10 years or 35.000 hrs.
  • No coating and corrosion of metal surfaces and no generation of rust.
  • No blocking of full flow filters when starting with cold oil (the famous Monday Disease), and 2 to 4 times extended life.
  • Best possible operation of the heat exchange of the oil coolers.
These technical benefits all have a direct and important impact on the machine running costs :
  • Increased machine performance, controllability, system efficiency, reliability and machine life.
  • Reduced power consumption.
  • Longer life for hydraulic components (pumps, valves, cylinder seals and other spare part)
  • Significant reduction of oil consumption and oil disposal cost
  • An important decrease of machine down time, manpower and production loss.
  • 2 to 4 times lower use of expensive full flow filter cartridges. 
TRIPLE R turns preventive maintenance into PRO-ACTIVE MAINTENANCE. 
TRIPLE R is the perfect tool to set up PRO-ACTIVE SERVICES