Boart Longyear Canada

Performance Tooling

Dec 5, 2013

Boart Longyear’s tooling is among the most advanced in the industry. It is specifically engineered for long life and high performance while boasting world-class safety features.

Tooling is available for diamond coring, reverse circulation, production, sonic, and geo-construction drilling applications.



Innovative head assemblies and
diamond coring bits, shoes and

Reverse Circulation

Recover rock samples quickly and


Hard Rock

A full line of bits, rods, couplings,
shanks adapters and accessories.


A full line of Sonic tooling including
bits, shoes, wear-resistant
rods/casing and accessories.




High quality and precisely
manufactured geo drilling tools.



December 6, 2013
Inside this issue
Stockroom Labourer

Boart Longyear is accepting resumes for the role of Stockroom Labourer based in North Bay, Ontario.

Maintenance Supervisor

Boart Longyear is accepting resumes for the role of a Maintenance Supervisor in our North Bay, Ontario Manufacturing facility. 


Heavy-duty equipment mechanics repair, troubleshoot, adjust, overhaul and maintain heavy duty mobile drilling equipment and mobile support equipment used within the scope of Boart Longyear Drilling operations.