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Super Fleece FR

Jun 29, 2020
Fleece is one of the most versatile, useful fabrics in a firefighter’s or utility, oil and gas worker’s arsenal, as you well know. Its hydrophobic fibers actually repel water, allowing it to retain the great majority of its insulating properties when wet. Highly breathable, lightweight, quick drying, and machine-washable, this fabric was meant for rugged use.
We’ve gone a step further with our DragonWear® Fleece. We’ve created a fabric that features inherent and permanent flame resistance that will not melt or drip, a necessity for protection from arc flashes or flash fires in cold and freezing temperatures. It also resists UV fading. This technology provides superior warmth without bulk or weight, while remaining highly breathable, quick drying, and durable.
This fleece boasts advanced air permeability technology, which means comfort in windy environments. In fact, DragonWear® Fleece offers two times greater wind protection than other comparable fleece clothing on the market. We think you deserve to stay warm and comfortable, no matter how hard the wind may blow.
We are known on the market as a leader in double-sided fleece garments, and we were a pioneer in the industrial market over a decade ago with our durable, wind-resistant fleece garments made under the “Dragon Fur®” brand. Super Fleece, our third-generation, double-sided fleece is truly heavy duty, with a beefy 12.7-ounce construction. Our proprietary Variable Loft Technology offers a lower loft face, designed for durability and superior after-wash appearance, coupled with a slightly higher lofted back for added fabric thickness for superior warmth.
Thanks to this unique fabric construction and tri-blend fiber technology, Super Fleece offers air permeability that is two to three times lower than competitive double-sided fleece fabrics, along with an impressive CAT 4 arc rating. It complies with ASTM F1506 Specifications and is NFPA 2112 Certified. This fabric takes fleece to the next level.
  • Inherently flame resistant
  • Resists UV light fading
  • Durable water repellency sheds rain and snow
  • Excellent stretch
  • Outstanding breathability
  • Wind resistant
  • Weight: 12.7oz/sq yd.
  • Machine wash warm
  • Tumble dry low
  • Do not bleach
  • Avoid the use of fabric softeners
  • Do not iron and do not dry clean
  • For best results, launder garments separately
Super Fleece™ Collection
Below is a list of DragonWear® fleece products that are currently available within the Super Fleece™ fabric collection. Please note that a small number of fleece products are currently in the process of being upgraded to the Super Fleece™ fabric in 2020.
  • Alpha™ Vest
  • Double Shot™ Hat
  • Fleece Balaclava
  • Flip-Top™ Mitten
  • Maxx™ Fleece Pant
  • Yukon™ Neck Gaiter
  • Coming in 2020
  • Alpha™ Jacket
  • Exxtreme™ Jacket
  • Big Chill™ Beanie


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