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Deep 30/32 tread with rugged lug configuration. Advanced cut-and chip-resistant tread compound. 
Open center lug design. Tie-bar shoulder design. Optimized compound.

Rugged tread design. High tear strength compound in the tread cap. 32/32 Tread Depth

Mirrored, non-directional tread design. Increased rubber volume. Open lug design. Tie-bar shoulder design and bladed tread pattern. Siped design.

Interlocking shoulder for superior weight distribution and lateral stability at speed. Tread block design for comfort and road noise reduction.
Cool-running, dual-compound construction. 26/32 tread depth. All-steel, four-belt package. Large, stable tread blocks.

Cool-running, triple compound construction. Two wide circumferential grooves and lateral grooves. 12/32 tread depth.

Severe service tread compound & deep 28/32nds tread depth. Non-Directional tread design. Tie bar shoulder design and bladed tread pattern. All-steel four belt package
Tire Size - 14.00R25. Product Code - 14253. Load Rating - 3*. Weight (lbs) - 398. Trd Depth (32nds) - 47

Tire Size - 23.5-25. Product Code - 6DA923. Load Rating - L20.