Goodwin International Limited

Goodwin Heavy duty pumps are equipped with outstanding features that guarantee advanced performance over less durable pumps, with pioneering construction that allows for total operation in fully, part or non-submerged conditions.

The Goodwin range of pumps are supplied with 3 phase + earth armoured trailing cable for maximum protection against accidental damage – adding to the rugged reliability of the Goodwin submersible slurry pump.
This is tried and tested cable that is fitted to the Goodwin pump, and we will NOT supply any other cable between the pump and electrical control panel.

Custom made lifting chains are recommended so the slurry pump is lifted from a single point. This means that the pump remains vertical at all times, and is not lifted on an angle, which can happen on site if only one of the lifting points is used.

Goodwin recommends all its submersible slurry pumps are suspended on chains, with a Bauer type adapter for coupling to the pump followed by a length of reinforced flexible hose before connecting to any rigid pipe work. This enables the pump to operate correctly when it is in thick heavy slurries, as when the pump is started and slurry has settled around it there is a very high energy start as the motor is direct on line which makes the pump kick. As the pump is suspended on chains, the "kick" it breaks away from any settled slurry allowing standing water to get to the impeller by flowing around the pump body as it has broken away from the slurry. As soon as this has happened the pumps agitator starts emitting its hydraulic shock wave 'sphere of influence', putting dense particles into suspension to be pumped with ease. Goodwin hoses are supplied with PN16 flanges on both ends as standard.