Hilliard Brake Systems

HILCO brings fluid contamination problems under control, cost effectively with our full range of engineered filters, cartridges, reclaimers, coolant recyclers & fluid conditioning systems. We go beyond filters to provide a full service fluids management process, from obtaining samples, to fluid analysis, consulting on equipment, field techs, start up help, and more. 
HILCO Products reduce the cost of new oil purchases, decrease disposal costs, lessen component wear, reduce downtime and help curtail environmental contamination.

The reliability and efficiency of any filtration system is chiefly dependent on the quality of the cartridges used in it. HILCO has a full line of filter cartridges for virtually every application depending on size, filtration efficiencies and dirt-holding capacity. Most fluids can be restored to a like-new condition. HILCO’s on-site testing facility is continuously examining and improving cartridge performance as customer’s needs evolve. HILCO is a major to supplier to original equipment manufacturers worldwide.

The Hilliard Corporation is a producer of Starter Clutch Drives, Electric Starter Assemblies, Hydraulic Starter Assemblies and Pneumatic Starters for use in aero derivative industrial turbine and reciprocating engine applications.
Hilliard starter designs and equipment are operating worldwide in pipeline, power generation and marine propulsion markets. Major starter-fleet experience has been achieved on General Electric, MAN Diesel & Turbo, Peter Brotherhood, Pratt & Whitney, Siemens, and Solar engines and auxiliary gear boxes. New application designs can be engineered through the combination of available motor-starter structures and overrunning clutch modules. 

The Hilliard Corporation is a world leader in industrial braking technology. Hilliard braking systems has a proven track record of performance, reliability and value to our customers. Hilliard Corporation offers an entire range of industrial modular brakes, caliper brakes, rail and disk brakes, electric brakes and products such as power units, mounting brackets, and discs and hubs. Choose from our complete line of fail-safe and active braking systems to meet the needs of your specific application.
With more than 110 years of experience, put Hilliard's industrial brakes to work for your specific application or industry.

Torque limiters and couplings are designed to slip during a torque overload, while still transmitting the adjusted torque. They provide dependable solutions to the problems of torque control and overload protection in power transmission equipment. These clutches include one or more friction discs mounted on an inner hub, a single nut adjustment to easily pre-sets the torque. Similar static and dynamic coefficients of friction provide for extremely smooth torque control.

The Hilliard centrifugal clutch provides automatic, gradual, cushioned engagement over a speed range on high-inertia loads. It smooths out and reduces starting current surge. Centrifugal clutches are slip-free at rated load and speed. They protect against overload by limiting torque, absorbing shock and eliminating torsional resonance. Hilliard centrifugal clutches have soft transmission of power and load free starting. Hilliard's linkless centrifugal clutches combine a dowel pin, vibration dampening bushing and a symmetrical spring design. The results are a long service life at an economical price. Other benefits include soft starts, load-free starting and overload protection. Hilliard’s centrifugal clutches are ideal for applications such as fans, blowers, conveyor drives and mills. Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities offer a wide range of choices, from common mounts to custom designs.

Modular brakes offer a split caliper design to achieve greater braking torques. These hydraulically applied or spring applied brake control systems are suitable for applications with a minimum disc thickness of ½ in. and up. Best used for static or dynamic applications.

Hilliard caliper brakes offer an arm style caliper designed to accept a large selection of Hilliard thrusters: pneumatic applied, spring applied or hydraulic applied brake control systems are suitable for a broad line of heavy duty industrial applications.

Controlling motion through engineered solutions. The Hilliard Corporation offers a broad line of industrial clutches—designed, manufactured and sold according to our customer's specifications. Hilliard’s line of industrial clutches provide dependable solutions to problems of torque control, overload protection, positive engagement and high torque on demand.

The Hilliard Corporation has a complete line of Drive Train and Motion Control products for All terrain vehicles (ATV), utility vehicles (UTV), lawn & garden and outdoor power equipment industry. Hilliard Drive Train products solve some of the most common problems related to traction, on-demand 4WD engagement, and turf damage.
Hilliard’s Drive Train products have been developed in cooperation with leading manufacturers of ATV’s, UTV’s, construction equipment, lawn tractors and self-propelled walk-behind equipment. Our value added designs can be simply integrated into existing products. Custom designs and high speed clutch applications are also available.