Murray OK Tire

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25X8-12; 25X12-9; 24X9-11; 24X10-11; 25X13-9; 22x7.00-11; 22X11-8; 22X11-9.

26X10-12; 24X8-12; 24X10-11; 22X11-8; 26X12-12; 25x11.00-10; 25X13-9 - 6-C; 27x10-12 - 6-C; 25X12-9 - 6-C;
25x8-12 - 6-C.

Tire Size: 18X9.50-8; 25X12-9; 21X9-8; 20X7-8; 22X11-8; 145/70-6; 16X8.00-7.

Sizes & Specs: 21X7-10; 21X8-9; 23X7.00-10; 22X8-10; 20X7.00-8.

445/65R22.5 - 20-L;  385/65R22.5 - 18-J; 425/65R22.5 - 20-L.

Tire Size - Load Range: 10R17.5 16-H; 215/75R17.5 16-H.

Tire Size - Load Range: 11R22.5 - 16-H; 295/75R22.5 - 16-H; 11R24.5 - 16-H.


Tire Size - Load Range: 385/55R22.5 - 20-L.

Off The Road tires for Large mining operations, Civil Engineering , Loader, Dozer, Grader, and for forestry vehicles at select OK Tire Store locations across Canada.

Section repairs; Tire and rim maintenance; Rotation service; Air pressure maintenance; Tire Cost Per Hour.