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AMD Fabrication September 2015 e-Newsletter

Sep 1, 2015
Our Best Fabrication Team in 109 Years!
Since 1906 American Mine Door has been fabricating custom engineered mining products across the globe. In 2015, AMD Fabrication, a new Division of American Mine Door, has taken these skill sets and established its own heavy fabrication services.
AMD Fabrication is a job shop providing custom fabrication from engineering to delivery, using our experienced certified welders and the most current technology. Much of our business is from relationships we have forged over the past 100 years and we are excited about creating new ones across other industries.

People Make the Difference

Many fabrication companies boast about the services they offer, their equipment, and their ability to provide results that go above and beyond.
But without the right people to build a solid partnership, the best equipment and services in the world won’t matter. When you are number 756 in line out of 1000 orders and you know you are not a priority, it can be a painful experience.
When it comes to the team at AMD Fabrication, you are always our priority. We pride ourselves on the people that make AMD great. Our team is made up of talented professionals with an affinity for ensuring the customer gets exactly what they need, on time and on budget.
The ability of our diversely skilled team to provide the customer with a personal and expert solution to meet their individual needs is just another reason that AMD Fabrication is your best choice for everything from heavy steel plate forming to cutting on a 20’ plasma table.
To learn more, visit our AMD Fabrication division at amdfab.com.
At AMD Fabriction, you can trust us to be on your side every step of the way, with experienced fabrication experts ready to help you with the toughest industrial challenges.

Take a Moment to Meet 3 Project Leaders Who Make a Difference
Click the image at right to meet Adam, Bob, and Matt, 3 Project Leaders who make a difference for our customers every day.
At AMD Fabrication, while we may have highly capable industrial fabrication facilities offering a wide variety of services to our customers, we believe that without the right people on the job, even the most advanced and highly branded manufacturing facilities cannot serve you well.

Hear it from the President of AMD
“We can show you a line card featuring equipment; who can’t? The difference is in the people. I want potential clients to meet our fabrication project leaders. We have painstakingly positioned AMD Fabrication with the best fabrication talent in Northeast Ohio. We are proud of the entire AMD team. We want to help you grow through value, technology and expertise. Give us an opportunity to prove it. See for yourself. Give us a call.” Dan Zenisek, AMD President
Top Notch Facilities and Equipment to Tackle the Toughest Jobs.
Our facilities offer AMD exceptional capabilities for providing a wide variety of industrial services to our customers.
We have a well-equipped fabrication shop allowing us to complete your projects on time, with superb quality at a competitive rate.

Some of our industrial capabilities include:
• Forming up to 20’
• Burning up to 96” x 240”
• Shearing up to 12’ ft x ¼”
• Rolling up to 6’ ft x ¼”
• Saw cutting up to 30” x 25”
• Machine Shop
• Wet Painting
• Design & Engineering
• Electrical Controls/ PLC
• Talented Fabrication Specialists

Our Facility
Located in Cleveland, OH, our facility boasts:
• 100,000 total square feet
• A 27’ foot under-hook crane
• 30 ton lifting capacity
• 15’ x 20’ high entry doors
• 5 acres of outside storage
• 5 miles or less from 3 major freeways

This exceptional facility allows us to offer high quality solutions in the applications of back hoes, bulldozers, booms, bucket liners, blades, chutes, cyclones, cabinets, concrete truck parts, ductwork, heavy pipe fabrications, hoppers, industrial doors, loaders, maintenance items, mounts, machine bases, platforms, plate work, pipes, repairs blades, buckets, racks, rebuilds, racks, stairs, structural steel fabrications, skids, trailers, tanks, truck beds, trash truck parts, valve racks, and more.

Download our latest Line Card for more information, including pictures of our industrial fabrication and metal bending projects.

Here to Serve YOU
At AMD, we pride ourselves in our strong American work ethic, honest principles, and dedication to making sure the customer gets exactly what they need, every time. Our attention to the customer is what sets us apart - when you hire AMD for your next job, know that not only do you have cutting edge manufacturing equipment and facilities on your side, but you have a group of people who truly care about making sure your needs are met and your expectations are exceeded… every time.

Visit amdfab.com to learn more about how our team of skilled professionals can help you with your next industrial fabrication job! 

Interested in Quality, American Manufacturing? Contact AMD to Learn How We Can Serve You!
At AMD, we pride ourselves on our reputation to deliver quality results quickly, every time; we have been doing so for 109 years. Our goal is to treat every customer with utmost concern and deliver the same priority of service no matter the scale of your business or application.
Email Contact@AMDFab.com todayto learn what American Mine Door can do for you!

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