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Application expertise services

May 21, 2021
Epiroc´s application team provides consultative services that help to optimize the mining and construction tunneling process and reduce the overall costs.
Application offering
Through a global network, Epiroc offers world class Application services to help our customers optimize the mining and construction tunneling process and reduce the overall cost. This service is available to industry consultants as well as end user customers and includes investigational services, analysis and simulation services, integration services, optimization services and arbitrary.
Investigational/auditing services
Understanding the challenges and opportunities with a planned or existing tunneling or mining process is key. Establishing a personal or a digital meeting is essential. Of course the personal meeting with the project is unmatched as a method to get everyone involved and at the same level.
An Investigational audit usually begins with reading about and getting familiarized with the project  before the audit on site.
The investigational services includes a pilot study support, with initial office studies as well as operations audits where we perform a mine or tunnel audit and provide a second opinion on the existing and planned process. We also provide feedback and a written report.
Analysis and simulation Services
In order to make a successful machine or fleet selection for a mine or tunnel project, every contractor or owner needs to see the complete picture and what the machine capacity will be in his specific application with given conditions. Simulations are an effective tool in this kind of decision making. Simulation tools can be used to compare different fleet setups or evaluate the effect of different layouts. Simulation tools can also serve as a planning basis.
The application team offers our customer and/or consultant, simulation services for analyzing different choices at all stages of a mining or tunneling process.
Some of the things we look at are mine and tunneling development simulations, load and haulage simulations, production drilling productivity and Total cost of operation (TCO) analysis. 
Integration Services
Irrespective if the task is a tunneling project, greenfield or brownfield mining project the project owner/customer wants to do things better with the aim to increase safety, productivity, working environment and overall environment. To help our customers achieving their goals we as supplier of machines and solutions to tunneling and mining projects can work as a spring board to show and demonstrate modern technology and good examples from existing projects.
In this phase we look at areas like automation process, communication, mining/tunneling process, machine maintenance and infrastructure maintenance. 
Optimization Services
In every tunneling and/or mining process there are room for improvements. These improvements range from optimizing the tunnel or mine layout to optimizing the processes in the same environment. With modern technology, alternative machine solutions and connected machines the possibilities are better than ever before.
Epiroc underground Application team supports the customer and/or the consultant with suggestions on solutions based on technology selection, machine selection, layout, experience and real time data from connected machines in the following areas: automation-process, Development optimization, load and haulage optimization, layout optimization and 6th Sense. 
To meet the increasing demand of metals and the increasing urbanization there is a constant need of innovations in this field. To understand the processes in and around the tunneling and mining sector and to be up to date about the technology there is a must to be able to create the right prerequisites for an effective and sustainable process.
Epiroc underground Application team strives to be updated in the technology and process trends for the tunneling and mining sector. Training sessions are performed both in house and externally: Machine bench marketing, Process bench marketing, Training and education, Market analysis, Industry forums. 
Application expertise services - a part of 6th Sense Optimize
Optimization enables processes to be executed, and equipment to be operated with full potential through improved efficiency and higher utilization.
6th Sense Optimize is a product family, offering services and product packages that support process optimization.

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