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Beware Potholes and the Damage they Do

Apr 23, 2014
Beware potholes and the damage they do Rim bending, suspension flattening and tire damaging potholes await the unwary driver.
If you are hitting the highway or urban streets this spring thaw, there is a very good chance that your vehicle will strike a serious pothole, cautions Fountain Tire. 
Defensive driving remains the best way to avoid costly front-end damage to suspension systems, rims and tires that can result from hitting a deep pothole. 
Here are some common sense tips from Fountain Tire for motorists who want to avoid or minimize the perils posed by potholes this spring thaw: 
• Slow down. Hitting a pothole at higher speeds increases the potential for damage and loss of control of your vehicle. 
• Look ahead. Watch for potholes by leaving plenty of space between your vehicle and the one in front of you. This provides more time to safely steer around the road cavity. Before avoiding a pothole always check that the way is clear. 
• Ensure your tires are inflated to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation. An underinflated tire provides less cushion against a jarring impact and increases the chances of wheel, tire and suspension system damage. (The recommended air pressure is listed in your vehicle manual and on your vehicle placard, which is commonly located on one of the inside door posts, or inside the glove compartment or fuel door.) 
• Watch out for pools of water in the roadway and, when possible, avoid driving through them. An innocent-looking puddle can disguise a deep and dangerous pothole. Driving through a pool of water at speed can also cause hydro-planning. 
• Do not brake when striking a pothole. Braking shifts weight to the front end, causing a harder, more jarring impact. Also, grip the steering wheel tightly. Hard impacts can jolt the steering wheel out of your hands and cause loss of control. 
Potholes form when snow and ice melts into cracks in the asphalt and then freezes, expanding in the cracks. Meanwhile, the frost in the ground pushes up, weakening the asphalt. This then causes the asphalt to break away in chunks and forms the pothole. 
Fountain Tire offers these tips for detecting warning signs of damage: 
• Pothole-related damage to suspension and steering systems can include: an unusually harsh or bouncy ride; vehicle oscillation or swaying while turning and, in extreme cases, loss of control. 
• Symptoms of wheel alignment problems are uneven tire wear; handling problems, such as "pulling" in one direction instead of maintaining a straight path or harsh vibration. Poor alignment also increases fuel consumption, shortens the lifespan of tires and hampers reliable handling. 
• Potholes can also cause visible dents in the rim and bulges or blisters on tire sidewalls. 
“Motorists who hit a serious pothole should play it safe by getting their vehicle’s front end and tires checked out by a professional technician,” says Dave Deley, General Manager, Store Operations for Fountain Tire. “An ounce of prevention after a pothole encounter can save considerable money later on.”

Source: http://www.fountaintire.com/media/upload/04-03-13%20Beware-potholes-and-damage.pdf

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