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BWMS Partners With Vital Alert

Sep 15, 2011

Mining communication products expert Becker Wholesale Mine Supply has signed its newest partnership agreement with VITAL ALERT COMMUNICATION INC. to supply the C1000 through-the-earth (TTE) communications system to ...


Mining communication products expert Becker Wholesale Mine Supply has signed its newest partnership agreement with Vital Alert Communication Inc. to supply the C1000 through-the-earth (TTE) communications system to the North American mining industry.


BWMS, who finalized the partnership in April and recently unveiled the product to the industry at a major exhibition in Pennsylvania, will be the exclusive master distributor of the C1000 for mining in North America. The company will make the product available for purchase in the US as well as through new entity Becker Wholesale Mine Supply Canada Ltd.


Vital Alert’s TTE design is a cost effective back-up to leaky feeder and wireless mesh communications systems, and unlike other technologies on the market this solution does not depend on line-of-sight for effective operation.


Additionally, it negates the need for numerous wireless access points and repeaters, which serve as the pulse of mesh-style systems currently on the market. In fact, the easily-placed wireless design has absolutely no expensive cables to install or maintain.


Vital Alert C1000 works with and extends the reach of existing communications and warning systems, and can be deployed in even the most complex, hard-to-reach areas – such as a drill face – where leaky feeder systems do not exist.


Part of what makes the C1000 really exciting for the mining and tunneling industries is its flexibility,” said Sandi Jones, Vice President, Marketing and Technical Sales for Vital Alert.


Instead of locking you into a specific connection method, the C1000 offers a solid link that can interconnect with many proven mining and tunnel communications products both above and below ground.


Both chat and voice functions can successfully be achieved via directly-connected headsets with Ethernet, WiFi, RS485 and many other audio and data options, and the capabilities don’t end there.


“You can also connect your existing two-way radio, RFID personnel and equipment tracking, gas and environmental sensors and more to the C1000, extending those solutions into areas currently unserved by traditional line-of-sight or wired connections and connecting them in real time to above-ground applications,” Jones added.
Both companies agree that this teaming of two world-class companies – both known across the communications industry for being on the cutting edge of technology – could not be more perfectly timed.


“We could not be happier to be partnering with Vital Alert to bring the industry the latest in through-the-earth communications technology – truly the wave of the future for the industry,” said Becker Wholesale Mine Supply President Bill Hensler.


Heather Simmons, CEO of Vital Alert, commented: “Our through-the-earth communications system is a perfect back-up and extension to the broad line-up of existing leaky feeder, Ethernet, fiberoptic and wireless communications systems already sold by Becker. The company’s customer base, partner relationships, and reputation for turnkey installation, service and support will give our C1000 product line broad exposure and substantial reach within the mining community.”


The impossible is now possible with Vital Alert’s design.


The system, which is now available for sale, has received IEC 60950 approval and is currently undergoing the US Mine Safety and Health Administration certification process.

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