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EPC Nordex becomes EPC Canada as new company identity is unveiled

Mar 28, 2018
EPC Nordex, one of Canada’s leading manufacturers and distributors of explosives to the mining, quarrying and construction industries, is to be rebranded by its parent company, the EPC Groupe.
Nordex Explosives Ltd, which was originally formed in 1970, was acquired by the EPC Groupe in August 2016.  Since then, the company has been known as EPC Nordex, retaining its original company name during the transition period.  However, the EPC Groupe deems that now is the right time to rebrand EPC Nordex as EPC Canada, bringing it further into the group and firmly establishing it as an EPC entity.
Founded in 1893, the EPC Groupe has 125 years’ experience of creating and using explosives.  It now employees over 2,000 people, who are working on behalf of mining, quarrying and civil engineering operators in over 40 different countries.  The acquisition of Nordex Explosives Ltd is EPC Groupe’s first in Canada and provides the perfect platform from which to demonstrate the Groupe’s capabilities in explosives manufacturing, as well as its continued dedication to putting safety first, at all times.  The merging of Nordex with EPC Groupe’s heritage and capabilities, has placed EPC Canada in a unique and enviable position.
“Since 2016, the newly acquired EPC Nordex has continued to perform successfully.  However, following a period of extensive market research, we now know our aim of positioning the company as a formidable force within the commercial explosives market in Canada, will be best achieved through a new, reinvigorated identity,” explains Ben Williams, CEO and President of EPC Canada.
“A rebrand will enable us to reach new markets and potential customers, helping to grow the business and secure its long-term future.
“We fully appreciate the legacy of the Nordex name within the regional market, but we believe now is the opportune time to bring the company further into the EPC fold, creating a greater sense of brand unity and providing our customers with the assurance that EPC Canada holds the same values and provides the same expertise as the rest of the group,” concludes Ben.
The official unveiling of the new EPC Canada brand will take place at the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum Convention in May.

Source: https://www.epc-groupe.ca/news/epc-nordex-becomes-epc-canada-as-new-company-identity-is-unveiled/