Newfoundland & Labrador Prospectors Association (NLPA)


Sep 26, 2015
Mount Peyton Hotel Grand Falls – Windsor; Sat. Sept 26, 2015
18 members in attendance
9:00am – 12:00pm – “Getting the most out of your prospecting day” Presenter - Prospecting geologist
Nath Noel. Covered a broad range of topics and was very well received by the NLPA members present.
1:00pm – 3:30pm - Overview & member discussion on NLPA power point compilation for presentation to various political parties to increase awareness pre-election.
Prior to AGM meeting at approx... 3:30pm election was held for vacant positions of Vice President,
Secretary, & Treasurer. The election was officiated by NLPA member & Canadian Senator; Mr. George Baker of Gander.
Congratulations to the newly elected members for...
Vice President – Herb Froude
Secretary – Neal Blackmore
Treasurer – Remains Vacant. Without nomination. To be filled by a call to general membership.
Alternate Central Director- Gordon Lawrence
Eastern Director – Remains Vacant. Without nomination. To be offered to current alternate eastern director Maurice Murphy and/or call to general membership.
Gov. Policies & Programs Committee volunteer – Stephen Stockley 
NLPA AGM 2015 Meeting Minutes
1.) NLPA Annual General Meeting Called to Order @ 4:00PM
Motion to call the meeting to order
Moved: S. Duffitt
Seconded: S. Stockley
Motion passed with all in favor
2.) Review of 2015 Agenda for adoption
Typo on pg 3. Work “Gag” to be revised to “gauge”.
3.) Adoption of 2015 agenda
Motion to adopt agenda
Moved: G. Baker
Seconded: S. Duffitt
Motion passed with all in favor
4.) Update on 2014-2015 NLPA activities
Activities include but not limited to.
  • Budget consultations
  • Prov. Land Use Policy Issues
  • Political Party Questionnaire
  • Regional Meetings and educational workshop
5.) Treasurer’s Report (Treasurer position vacant)
Sept. 8 2015 NLPA Bank statement showed a balance of $11,801.06.
  • Financial Statement still in progress at the time of meeting NLPA member M. Zwicker working towards it. Statement should be completed in the near future.
  • Call for 2015-16 NLPA Dues to go out in the near future
6.) Committee Updates
Policies & Programs Committee
Committee (spearheaded by NLPA Member Wayde Guinchard) feels it has exhausted concerns about the grant process with DNR.
Some changes made at DNR such as changing the date for yearly prospecting course in order to free up human resources to focus on grant application & submission review.
Committee looking for NLPA Member feedback on prospecting & exploration grant application - completion process.
NLPA awareness presentation for the various Prov. Political parties completed as presented at 2015 AGM.
Education & Training Committee
  • Weekend career awareness work shop outline & proposal developed & authored by NLPA Member Nathanial Noel. Currently ready for review by CONA staff for cost estimate budgeting and input on other logistics before submission to AES for a funding request.
  • NLPA Members (Rambler, Pine Cove, Tilt Cove) Mine Tour on the Baie Verte Peninsula. Organized by E&T Committee Members Peter Hurley, Norm Mercer & Neal Blackmore with special thanks to Allan Cramm with Anaconda & Larry Pilgrim with Rambler. The tour took place in Aug. 2015 and 10 members were in attendance.
  • Through request of NLPA membership to engage youth. A working group has been formed with purpose of developing and executing a prospecting related school contest. The group includes members from the NLPA E&T Committee (Kevin Cooper, Neal Blackmore), DNR Mines Branch, Office of Public Engagement, & Department of Education & early Childhood Development
  • As part of the school contest the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development has requested the NLPA use its members to aid in the collection of rocks and minerals in order to prepare 1500 rock & mineral kits to be used in school curriculum for grades 4-7.
  • The membership agreed to the NLPA participating in the rock and mineral collection of bulk samples.
  • Work ongoing on prospectors handbook originated by NLPA Member Gordon Cooper
Promotions & Communications Committee
  • NLPA Prospecting Brochure ongoing by Mun. Earth Science Students and NLPA Members Nick Lee, & Chris Voisey.
  • Request for NLPA Member volunteers to aid in editing and print layout etc. for the NLPA Newsletter “The Claimpost”.
  • NLPA Facebook group established by NLPA members Cameron Martin & Mervin Macdonald.
Ways & Means Committee
75 letters of sponsorship / donation request sent out to various industry participants.
At current rate of expenses and expected income support the NLPA is currently financially stable up to 2017
7.) Concerns from the floor, New, & Other Business.
  • Discussions on NLPA role in political and other awareness efforts.
  • Membership agrees the NLPA should continue with awareness activities such as issues in the power point presentation put forward. 
8.) 2016 NLPA AGM Location
Due to NLPA’s commitment to holding the AGM across three island regions; it was suggested next year should be the West Coast location of the town of Stephenville. The membership agreed.
Motion to hold 2016 AGM in Stephenville during the last week of September.
Moved: G. Lee.
Seconded: S. Stockly
Motion passed with all in favor
9.) Meeting Adjourned
Motion to adjourn @ approx... 5:30pm
Moved: Sandy Duffitt
Seconded: George Baker