Newfoundland & Labrador Prospectors Association (NLPA)

Norm Mercer

Sep 29, 2012
1. Close to 50 prospectors from all over the island attended the Inaugural AGM and WORKSHOP being held in Gander, NL. The AGM was called to order at 4:10 pm.
2. Volunteer Coordinator Norm Mercer welcomed all in attendance and introduced the members of the 2012 Steering Committee who began their Organizational Efforts back in early April of 2012.
3. Norm then gave a brief overview of the Organizational Efforts, including the series of Regional Organizational Meetings held around the province and the very positive response from a large number of this province's prospectors to the formation of the NLPA. He also reported on the strong financial support that was shown by numerous individuals, mining, exploration, and service companies active in the mineral industry of the province. He also acknowledged the tremendous financial support from the National PDAC, along with the CIM Newfoundland Branch, all of which was greatly appreciated.
4. For the election of officers to proceed, Norm turned the Chair over to member George Baker of Gander to conduct the election of President for the NLPA. George put forward the name of Norm Mercer for the position of First President of the NLPA and called 3 times for any other Nominations. There being no other Nominations, George invited Norm to assume the position of President, which was unanimously accepted by the members present.
5. Norm Mercer then presented the slate of names for the remaining Executive positions, as well as the names for the positions of Regional Directors and Alternate Directors of the NLPA. All that were present accepted their Nominations and were chosen unanimously by those who were present, after a call by Norm three times for further Nominations. All of the slate for the Executive and Board of Directors, as well as for Volunteer Committees were elected for a minimum term of two years. Slate of Candidates is attached for information purposes, along with Descriptions of NLPA Governance Structure.
6. A set of By-Laws for the NLPA was presented to the membership at the AGM. After some discussion and clarification , they were unanimously adopted by the membership.
7. Two Motions were introduced to the membership for discussion, consideration and for a vote during the AGM. The Motions covered two important issues as advanced by many members from all regions of the province, including the need to lobby for Multiple Land Use Policies in the Province, as well as lobbying for continuing Education and Training opportunities for members throughout the province.
FIRST MOTION: Whereas over 20 % of the province's land mass has been removed from prospecting and mineral exploration activity, be it resolved that the NLPA lobby both the provincial government and other stake-holders to adopt a Multiple Land Use Policy going forward in the Province.
This Motion was unanimously Adopted.
SECOND MOTION: Whereas prospectors from every region of the province are keen to undertake continuing education and training on a wide variety of prospecting topics, be it resolved that the NLPA work with other interested partners and stakeholders in developing further prospector education and training opportunities, and that wherever it is possible and practical to do so, to partner with CONA and its regional college network for the delivery of such programs.
This Motion was unanimously Adopted.
8. Motion for Adjournment. The time now being 5:05 pm and there being no further items for business, the Inaugural AGM of the Newfoundland and Labrador Prospectors Association was adjourned for the evening by the membership who were in attendance.
Minutes were taken by incoming Secretary / Treasurer Kevin Ryan and President Norm Mercer. Saturday, September 29th, 2012.