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Publications Release Notice — August 5, 2015

Aug 5, 2015
The following publications are being released on August 5, 2015, at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time, or 9:00 a.m. Central Time, unless otherwise indicated. Our next scheduled publications release is October 6, 2015. To automatically receive the Publications Release Notice by email, subscribe to the distribution list by contacting Publication Sales.
Maps and reports in hard-copy (paper) format and digital data sets available on physical media (CD or DVD) can be purchased from the Publication Sales office. Publications can be downloaded for free from the GeologyOntario application or by following the links provided in this release notice. In cases where the file size is prohibitive for downloading, please contact the Publication Sales office to obtain the data on physical media (CD for $20.00; DVD for $25.00).
Prices listed in this Release Notice apply to hard-copy versions only and are subject to change without notice. The prices given in a particular release notice are guaranteed only for a period of 1 month following the date of the release.

Earth Resources and Geoscience Mapping Section
Precambrian Geology – Northwestern Ontario
Miscellaneous Release—Data 315
Geochemistry of Neoarchean Volcanic and Intrusive Rocks in Aldina Township, Northwestern Ontario; by R.W.D. Lodge. This geographic information system (GIS)-based release comprises field photographs and geochemical data that were collected during the mapping of Aldina Township, northwestern Ontario, in 2010 and 2013. The geospatially controlled field and geochemical data include observations and descriptions of lithofacies, alteration and mineralization; photographs of a variety of outcrops and rock textures from the field; and various plots (proportional dot plots, coloured-by-value plots) illustrating values of important petrogenetic trace-element ratios and concentrations of base metals in the rocks. Presentation of the data for Aldina Township is provided as GIS project files (ESRI® ArcGIS® 10.1 and 9.3 project (.mxd) files and ESRI® ArcGIS® 9.3 geodatabase (.gdb) project files); also provided are the results of 65 geochemical analyses in Microsoft® Excel® format (.xlxs). Field observations with descriptions of lithofacies, alteration and mineralization, and the photograph descriptions are provided within the GIS project files. This release also includes 65 photographs (.jpgfiles of field, sample slabs, thin sections), images of various plots (.lyr format files, to be used in ESRI® ArcGIS®), and supporting documentation (as a portable document format (.pdf) file). The data are available on 1 CD. $20.00.

Surficial Mapping and Sampling
Open File Report 6308
Results of Regional Till Sampling in the Mowe Lake Area, Northwestern Ontario; by A.S. Marich, 66p. Digital data available as Miscellaneous Release—Data 320 (see below). $22.00.
Miscellaneous Release—Data 320
Till Sample and Indicator Mineral Data for the Mowe Lake Area, Northwestern Ontario; by A.S. Marich. This release presents the results of a regional till sampling and surficial geology mapping project undertaken in the Mowe Lake area in northwestern Ontario in 2010 and 2011. The data comprise fine-fraction (-63 µm) geochemical analyses, and geochemical and compositional analyses of particulate gold grains and metamorphic/magmatic massive sulphide indicator minerals (MMSIM®*) recovered from 193 till samples. The data are being released in conjunction with Open File Report 6308, available separately. Files, provided as 10 Microsoft® Excel® 97–2003 (.xls) spreadsheets, contain information on sample site locations, geochemical analyses, gold grain data, MMSIM® data and pebble lithology data. The data are available on 1 CD. $20.00.
Miscellaneous Release—Data 324
Results of 2011–13 Overburden Drilling Programs in the Southern Part of the County of Simcoe, South-Central Ontario; by A.F. Bajc, R.P.M. Mulligan, D.R.B. Rainsford and J.L. Webb. This digital data release contains borehole information resulting from overburden drilling programs conducted within the southern part of the County of Simcoe in 2011, 2012 and 2013. A total of 25 PQ diameter (8 to 9 cm) continuous cores, 24 of which extend to bedrock, are being reported on in this digital data release. Cores were obtained using a mud rotary drill equipped with a Christensen core barrel retrievable by wire line. Core was visually logged, photographed and representative intervals sampled in the field for combinations of grain size, carbonate and heavy mineral content as well as radiocarbon dating. Induction (EM conductivity) and natural gamma borehole geophysical surveys were also conducted in 12 of the 25 boreholes. Graphic and written logs (.pdf), high resolution core photos (.jpeg) and associated analytical data sets (Microsoft® Excel® 2003 .xls) are stored in nested folders. A visual representation of this information is included in a hyperlinked format, accessible from an index map provided in portable document format (.pdf). The data are available on 1 DVD. $25.00.

Groundwater Studies
Open File Report 6310
Workshop Summary and Gap Analysis Report: Unifying Groundwater Science in Southern Ontario; by H.A.J. Russell, E.H. Priebe and J.R. Parker, 64p., $11.00.

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