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Quality is at Stake

Oct 29, 2015

It is no surprise to find that a quick internet search of our hose and fitting brand name “Flextral” reveals a substantial market presence in the hydraulic hose and fitting industry. The hydraulic hose and fitting industry is filled with big names and big hitters. Add Bridgestone HosePower, LLC and the Flextral brand to that group of big hitters. Gaining market shares in tough economic conditions has become a Flextral trademark. This measure of success reflects the combined efforts from every department within our company.The production of quality one piece crimp fittings has contributed to the success of our Flextral brand. Beginning with our engineering all the way thru production, marketing and sales, the Flextral one piece hydraulic fitting is helping to gain market shares by providing a high quality hydraulic fitting at a competitive price. The staking department is proud to be a part of this success. A small group of employees tasked with producing well over a million fittings a year with minimal tolerances demonstrate every day that attention to detail is paramount to success. Remaining diligent in the face of overwhelming production numbers is a challenge common within our burgeoning company. The staking department continues to implement and evaluate redundant quality assurance steps in order to reduce downstream errors and improve customer satisfaction. Prompt communication remains a key ingredient to resolve problems and anomalies quickly. If you have any questions regarding your Flextral one piece hydraulic crimp fittings please contact jyonge@hosepower.com

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