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Statistics Canada reports manufacturing sales rose 3.5% in March

May 12, 2021

Statistics Canada announced that manufacturing sales rose 3.5% to $57.8 billion in March-the highest level since June 2019-on higher sales in 17 of 21 industries.
The Federal Agency notes that the increase was led by the motor vehicle, petroleum and coal and food product industries. These were also the contributing industries from a volume perspective as constant dollar manufacturing sales rose 2.3% to $50.2 billion.
Since the beginning of 2021, a global shortage of semiconductor chips has affected businesses throughout the supply chain. Motor vehicle and motor vehicle parts manufacturers have been hit particularly hard by the semiconductor shortage. But in March, auto and auto-part manufacturers in Canada were able to temporarily ramp up production and sales of motor vehicle (+10.5% to $3.6 billion) and motor vehicle parts (+7.7% to $2.4 billion) both rose.
Manufacturing sales rose in every province in March, led by higher sales in Ontario and Quebec.
In Ontario, sales increased by 2.9% to $25.1 billion in March on higher sales in 12 of 21 industries, led by the motor vehicle and petroleum and coal industries.
Sales in Quebec increased by 2.4% to $14.5 billion in March, on higher sales of miscellaneous industry, followed by other miscellaneous manufacturing goods.

Source: https://axxessintl.com/en/statistics-canada-reports-manufacturing-sales-rose-3-5-in-march/