In 1990 Luis Silva and Marilu Malaga founded Ingetrol Ltda. as a diamond core drilling service company. Through these drilling projects they realized the need for a man portable drill able to reach at least 100 meters with a geologically representative core. However they were unable to find a quality drill that could satisfy these specific rig requirements. Taking inspiration from the Andean Cordillera and its difficult access areas, the Company designed the EXPLORER JR. drilling rig.
This model's success in Ingetrol's drilling operations was so great, and the market need so evident, that the Company began, after years of systematic testing, to commercialize the EXPLORER JR.
The continued growing popularity of the EXPLORER JR. led Ingetrol to change its operational focus from services to manufacturing. In this capacity Ingetrol began designing and manufacturing larger machines that could reach deeper depths.
Today Ingetrol is the drilling standard in man portability. Its equipment is used for a wide range of applications including exploration core drilling, underground and surface drilling, environmental drilling, prospecting remote areas and water well drilling. The Company is continuously designing new drills using the latest technology, while maintaining its philosophy of modularity, versatility and simplicity.

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