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Head Office
9630 Trans Canada
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Post Code: H4S 1V9
Fax: info@abloy.ca
E-mail: 1-514-335-0430; 1-800-730-3570
Telephone: 1-514-335-9500; 1-800-465-5761

Abloy Canada Inc.

The patented and unique ABLOY® Protec rotating disc cylinder, represents the most secure, reliable and versatile lock available in the world today. With the recent addition of the patented disc controller, we now boast a very user-friendly key and cylinder mechanism. There are no springs, pins to wear,  jam or weaken, but instead rely on unique rotating discs to form the combination just like tumblers in a safe. The UL 437 listed cylinder is virtually pick proof, offers patent protected key ways and has two billion combinations with the most useable combinations available in the industry today. A complete line of maximum security tubular deadbolts, hardened steel mortise and rim cylinders, key in knob/lever retro-fit cylinders to fit ALL major manufacturers and functions.

Brochures September 15, 2015