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AME Group

Bridging Two Disciplines
We are independent Engineering Economists and Advisors. Our principal competency is as supply side and asset specialists. Since 1971 we have bridged the gap between market analysis and the project work undertaken by consulting engineers. We operate two major research centres within an integrated global footprint of regional offices and associates.
Our focus is on the granular issues relating to projects, mines, plants and fields. Our research is based on a quarterly cycle of production analysis, engineering models, financial models and a final review. This intelligent data collection and interpretation is the heart of AME. The resulting site by site research offers full industry supply chain analysis, output reconciliation, quarterly cost curves and generates a current factual global supply statement.
Our work is often about the data that is not easily available and involves deductive research. It usually relates to vital new knowledge at the margin that drives markets and identifies trends.
Our colleagues have a strong resource industry track record. Many of our team leaders are experienced plant managers. We are fortunate to have a wide span of skills from geologists, metallurgists, mining and civil engineers to economists, accountants and software engineers.
In essence, AME’s core and historical advantage is fundamental 'grass roots' research by experienced engineers and analysts who visit mines, smelters, mills and oil fields. To facilitate this huge data gathering and analysis exercise we utilise a sophisticated software research platform. This work forms the basis for the capital and operating decisions our clients make.

Research - The AME Structure

AME’s seven distinct research groups are responsible for Gold, Base Metals, Light Metals, Energy (Oil, Gas and Coal), Steel, Steel Raw Materials and Software Engineering. These teams draw upon shared resources, have a common methodology and definitions. We utilise a common research platform.
This commonality allows cross-checking of operations between industries which often have similar processes, transportation needs and CAPEX requirements. It offers a more pragmatic and realistic industry view.


Our Direct research platform is unique. It utilises the latest programming language, has a powerful search engine and works as a single analytical database. This simplicity improves stability, speed of use and data extraction – different from the multiple platforms stitched together with a common “front end”.

AME Direct offers:
• The only cross-industry portal. It encourages direct comparison between over 6,000 projects, plants, companies and countries from a financial, cost and production perspective.
• Intimate contextual analysis that links your query to the associated research, technical specifications and descriptions for easy assembly of reports.
• Manipulation and export of your search results into Excel spreadsheets, HTML, Word and many other formats with formulas intact.


To understand changes in global supply we use four key tenets. First, quarterly reconciliation between company financials and our engineering model outputs. Second, accurate segmented and total costs for each mine, field or plant. Third, capital cost analysis (capex) based upon understanding the expected changes in mine plan, future grade, and processes optimised for that set of circumstances. Last, we research the value in use and industry end use based upon our material flow research.

Studies and Reports

While all our work is embedded within our Direct platform, AME still offers its written industry report services, being the Monthly Outlooks, Quarterly Strategic Studies and Quarterly Cost Reports.

Asset valuations are an important strength of Direct. Our technical site asset reviews and outlooks offer inputs to provide highly tailored (manipulable) valuation models. Exploration projects, mines, smelters, refineries, steel mills and oil fields can be directly compared regarding financial return, risk, capital outlay and industry attractiveness.

Emerging World

While we have a global footprint we also have a natural focus on the developing world, underscored by the fact that in 2009 we moved our head office and senior management function from Sydney to Hong Kong SAR. This ensures the proximity to the huge engine of growth that represents Asia. It improves our access into China and East Asia and encourages us to offer a more sophisticated regional view. Many of our senior management work in Asia.

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