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Dura-Shield is a lining material that ensures surface protection against corrosion for machinery and equipment. For.ulated to successfully protect and extend the life of heavy-duty equipment, Dural-Shield reprensents the ideal preference in the mining, cement, concrete, and aggregate sectors in applications where abrasion resistance is critial. Used as lining in chutes, hoppers, hydro cyclones, pipes, elbows, tanks, collectors, bins, silos and vibrators. Also used as skirting, in pulley lagging, shaker screens, and sand blasting curtains. For more information visit our website at: https://www.american-biltrite.com/rubber/products/engineered-products/durashield/
GUARD-RITE is American Biltrite’s special line of products developed to meet the critical challenges of the rubber lining market for the mining industry. Engineered to cover an array of mining applications, GUARD-RITE products extend the service life of critical equipment and drastically reduce expensive downtime. All GUARD-RITE products feature an adhesive-ready textured Polychloroprene (CR) bonding layer, allowing you to use the same adhesive system for the entire product line. For more information visit our website at: https://www.american-biltrite.com/rubber/products/engineered-products/guard-rite/
GREAT NEWS! The GUARD-RITE product line for the mining industry is expanding. Introducing DUAL-GUARD.
DUAL-GUARD is dual purpose, it is :
- A cost saving pipe lining material that requires absolutely no prep prior to installation
- A solution for affordable pipe maintenance to stop leaks or extend longevity of pipes.
Want more details, follow this link to see our flyer: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6737098894120943616
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