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Main Office
2022 Lasalle Blvd
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Post Code: P3A 2A5
Fax: 1-(705)-525-5950
E-mail: alexkuthy@amipersonnel.ca
Telephone: 1-(705)-525-5954

AMI Personnel

Founded in 1998, AMI Personnel has become a major provider of personnel for many companies in several industries across Canada.

With over 15 years of experience, our proven strategies produce excellent results for our clients. 

At AMI Personnel, We specialize in finding what you are looking for in an employee

AMI Personnel represents numerous companies throughout the country. We are in essence the recruitment division of these organizations. After receiving your resume, AMI Personnel will conduct an interview and perform a background check. The interview will give AMI Personnel a profile of you based on your professional needs and desires which in turn gives us the direction needed to find you the right opportunity. Our goal is to always connect the right people, with right career opportunities.  

10 Years of Service

Career Change

AMI Personnel, has been supporting
local industry since 1998. Our success
is providing an excellent service to each
clients individual needs. Our strength is
to have your position filled prior to your
needs. We maintain an exstensive
database filled with applicants that have
various expertise and experience.
Employers that require full-time permanent
personnel can depend on AMI to supply pre-
interview applicants to fill your personnel

Our client base is ever changing and growing along with the job market. One policy that we continue to maintain is that of client confidentiality. AMI Personnel will disclose the clients name and position details upon qualifying candidates through an interview and background check process.

Candidates will have the final say in which opportunities they would like to be considered for. Our goal is to match the right candidate with the right opportunity.


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