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Argonaut Gold Inc.

Argonaut Gold Inc. is a gold producer with operating mines and advanced exploration projects in the state of Durango, Mexico and Guatemala.

Argonaut Gold company was created by an experienced executive management team that has a strong history of creating value and has been able to generate extraordinary returns for shareholders of their prior companies.
Argonaut evaluates mining projects that would benefit from skilled management, consolidation and access to capital. We saw such upside potential in the El Castillo gold mine, the La Colorada mine, Magino and San Antonio. Under Argonaut’s leadership, the combination of these assets and new capital allows for operational synergies, expansion of production and an increase in overall precious metals resources, resulting in a major increase in their combined values. Argonaut Gold will deliver on operational targets, in a safe, cost efficient manner, while honoring commitments to the environment and communities where we operate.

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Reno Office
9600 Prototype Court
Reno, NV 89521
Telephone: (775) 284 4422
Cell: (775) 240 4172
Facsimile: (775) 284 4426

Nichole Cowles
Investor Relations Manager
email: nichole.cowles@argonautgold.com