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Austin Powder
910 Dew Road
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Post Code: P3G 1L2
Fax: 705-522-3761
Telephone: 705-238-1875

Austin Powder

Providing explosives to the mining industry has been the foundation of Austin Powder for many years. Underground coal producers in Appalachia provided Austin the opportunity to establish itself in the mining segment. Since then, the Austin name has earned respect around the world, and our market shares in coal, taconite, precious metals, and surface and underground markets have grown steadily. 

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Austin Powder provides the materials and
know-how for successful rock quarrying
which, in turn, provides stone for concrete,
construction, roads, and playgrounds.

Blasting and explosives play a major role in
most mining methods. Our services are used
by many customers in developing the mining
plan and the blast designs that will be used.


Blasting is the source of a variety of both
large and small construction products. As in
all other projects, we hold adherence to
regulatory compliance in high regard.

In the seismic industry, the key to our
continued success is relatively simple.
We deliver a high quality product, on time,
and on short notice.