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ITW Devcon Head Office
30 Endicott Street
Danvers, Massachusetts, USA
Post Code: 01923
Telephone: 800-626-7226

ITW Polymers Adhesives North

ITW Polymers Adhesives, North America is a world leader in MRO and industrial OEM assembly applications. Our premier brands include Devcon®, Plexus® and SprayCore®.  Devcon® DFense Blok™ is a new, innovative line of specially formulated wear and abrasion products designed to outperform and outlast traditional wear and abrasion epoxies.

ITW Devcon is a world leader in adhesive technology and products for industrial OEM assembly and maintenance/repair (MRO) applications. ITW Devcon markets, supports, and promotes two of the most recognized brands in all of industry; Devcon® and Permatex®.

More than 50+ years ago, ITW Devcon introduced an alternative to welding and brazing with Plastic Steel®, a tough, steel-filled epoxy putty. Today, ITW Devcon offers one of the most extensive lines of highly effective OEM adhesive and maintenance and repair products available.

July 22, 2013
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DFense Blok July 19, 2013
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With the expertise that comes from over
50 years of MRO experience, Devcon®
developed the DFense Blok™ family of

We've got the right product for your
application. With our experience sales
team, ITW Devcon will work with you to
assess your application needs.

ITW Devcon offers a full range of
high-performance OEM Adhesives and
Maintenance, Repair and Operations
(MRO) Products.

The uniting of the Devon®
and Permatex® brands
under ITW Devcon yields
one of the world's most
comprehensive lines of
OEM Adhesives and Plant
Maintenance/Repair Products.Through
our expandeddistributor network, it's
easier for you to order both Devcon
and Permatex products.