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Maljohn Plastics
183 Hendershot Road, RR #1
Hannon, Ontario , Canada
Post Code: L0R 1P0
Fax: (905) 692-3349
E-mail: maljohn@maljohn.com
Telephone: (905) 692-5404

Maljohn Plastics

Maljohn Company Limited specializes in industrial plastics. We manufacture and supply plastic & plastic products for industrial applications. We are specialized in ultra high molecular weight plastics. We stock a variety of types and thicknesses of materials and products.

Our products include drag conveyor components, spouts and chutes, screw & belt conveyor components. We also manufacture bushing & bearing surfaces, roller & roller assemblies, stamped washers & discs, wear strips, high wear profiles and pressure sensitive tape. We produce drag conveyor components such as flat bottomed flights, flat liners, round bottom flights and roller assemblies for many material handling environments. Our screw conveyor components include preformed edging & facing, preformed U-trough liner and hanger bearing inserts.

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June 24, 2013
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Materials Stocked June 12, 2013
Maljohn Company Limited is North America’s premier supplier and manufacturer of plastic and plastic products for industrial applications. Specializing in Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) plastics, we stock a variety of types and thicknesses of materials and products. Manufacturing capabilities include 2D forming and bending; complex and simple cutting, complex and simple machining (drilling, chamfering, counterboring and countersinking); application of adhesives.