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Omer North America Inc.
2300 Speers Rd W.
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Post Code: L6L 2X8
Fax: 905-891-1214
E-mail: david.bowman@karliftsolutions.com
Telephone: 647-973-6637

Omer North America Inc.

Omer are the worlds largest designers and builders of platform style heavy duty lifts for Buses, Trucks, and Industrial equipment. Omer has just developed a new concept called the "K Series" which is completely vertical lifting system versus a parallelogram that moves up and forward. The K Series design is also completely "clear floor" allowing access side to side and front to back.


Why The "K Series" Is The Most Preferred Design

 Strong and compressed frame

 Perfect stability in any load condition

 No sliding points = No runways torque

 Free Space under the runways

 Patent on Volumetric Cylinder Divider


Lift Features

 Very Sturdy Structure

 Extremely Reliable – 20 Years Life Span

 Surface Mount or In-Ground Installation

 Wash Bay Utilization

 Open Floor


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