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Solitario Exploration & Royalty Corp.

Solitario Exploration & Royalty (NYSE Amex: XPL; TSX: SLR) is on track to become one of the newest U.S. gold producers. The Mt. Hamilton gold project in eastern Nevada is a development-stage project with operating cash costs of $575/oz. and an 8-year mine life averaging 54,000 ounces per year. Capital costs to place the project into production are estimated at $72 million. Resources have nearly doubled since acquisition, and with the recent addition of the Seligman deposit, Solitario is now evaluating a nine-to-ten year, 64,000 oz./year production schedule. Initial production is slated for mid-2015.
Our second most important asset is our high-grade Bongará zinc project in Peru that is joint ventured with Votorantim Metais, the fifth largest zinc producer in the world. Nearly $60 million has been spent on the property to date where recent drilling results identified some of the highest grade intercepts in the history of the project. Completion of a pre-feasibility study is anticipated in mid-2014, followed by a feasibility study in mid-2015 on this development-stage property. Solitario’s 30% interest is fully funded through the start of production by our partner, Votorantim, making it a dilution-free project to Solitario and its shareholders.
Our focus is on gold and silver, but we have advanced projects with platinum-palladium, zinc and lead. Solitario’s success has been fueled by its ability to identify large-potential early stage exploration properties and subsequently leverage these successes into partnerships with senior mining companies including, Anglo Platinum, Hochschild Mining, and Votorantim Metais. Our joint ventures are structured very similar to Net Profit Interest Royalties in which we are essentially financed through production to cash flow. In 2013, our partners will spend over $13 million on our projects. With this business strategy we greatly reduce financial risk and minimize shareholder dilution, while continuing to build a pipeline of exploration projects.
Advanced Projects
• Mt. Hamilton: Gold Project, USA
• Bongará: Zinc-Lead-Silver, Peru
• Pedra Branca: Platinum-Palladium, Brazil
Gold-Silver Exploration Projects
• Pachuca Norte: Silver-Gold, Mexico
Royalty Properties
• Yanacocha: Gold-Silver-Copper, Peru
• Mercurio: Gold, Brazil
Joint Ventures
• Anglo Platinum: world’s largest platinum producer
• Votorantim Metais: world's 5th largest zinc producer
• Hochschild Mining

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