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Zonge International Inc.

Zonge International is a trusted resource to geoscientists and project managers in exploration, research, government, engineering and other organizations requiring the expert use of geophysical methods for subsurface information.
Profitable discovery and development of economic mineral deposits can hinge on the quality of the geophysics. Owners receive reduced risk and more value for their investment by involving experienced geophysics team members at the onset of their projects. Zonge’s integrated approach and experience can improve both initial and continued success on any continent.
Zonge has conducted more than 30 surveys for geothermal resources in the last five years in the Western United States alone. The process involves developing a conceptual model of the subsurface and surface geology to identify specific drilling targets. The model integrates any existing well data (well logs), plots temperature and pressure data, and then combines the result of each geophysical survey conducted, allowing for integrated interpretation.
Exploration for geothermal resources requires deep sounding tools that are robust in volcanic terrains, which has led to the established use of magnetotelluric and gravity methods.  Used in combination, these methods can provide important insight into the subsurface alteration assemblages and identify structural controls on fluid migration.


Zonge delivers cost-effective seismic data acquisition in environmentally-sensitive areas and in areas requiring low-profile surveys, with the use of Wireless Seismic RT-1000 seismic recorders. And in North America, our track-mounted, impulsive seismic source is perfectly suited for exploration in the most rugged terrain.
In addition to data collection, Zonge provides design of appropriate surveys and experienced, integrated interpretation of anomaly extents and their contribution to the larger picture. Clean, high-quality, 3D seismic data are integrated with your geochemistry and shallow borehole results to produce a high-resolution base model for reservoir characterization.  


The goal of geophysical surveys for groundwater exploration is not just to find water, but to identify drilling locations with the most potential for optimal production rates.
Once the depth to water table is known, drilling to that depth from almost any location in the target area will encounter some amount of water. The significant challenge is finding the quality and quantity necessary for development while making the best use of investment and drilling dollars.
Housing and economic development is constrained by available water in many locations worldwide. Water wells are increasingly deeper, making drilling an expensive endeavour and foolhardy without adequate geophysical data.

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