pbEncom aspires to be the solution provider of choice for Mining, Exploration, Oil & Gas organisations who are seeking to maximise their resource potential. pbEncom provide solutions and services for the successful discovery, evaluation, development and management of natural resources.
Our software and services are designed to increase the value of your project data; delivering operational efficiencies for enhanced profitability and shareholder value. Our solutions are utilised to delineate, demonstrate and deliver asset worth.
We provide end-to-end solutions and services to assist companies at all stages of the mining lifecycle - from exploration through to development, construction, production, processing and rehabilitation. Our vast industry experience in mining and exploration ensures our clients have the capabilities they need to make more informed decisions in less time to increase productivity and profitability.
pbEncom leads the way in understanding the issues faced by the industry. Our clients recognise the value our solutions and services provide in helping them achieve a leading position in the market.
Encom was founded in 1984 in Sydney, Australia – pioneering and developing GIS and geophysical software for the Mining, Exploration, Oil & Gas industries. In 2007 Encom became a proud member of the Pitney Bowes Software group.

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