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Terrain Drilling Solutions
Mineral exploration companies looking for comprehensive, fully managed core drilling programs have come to know Core Logix as a drilling contractor that gets the job done.
They know we can be trusted to expertly design, build and deliver every element of a successful drilling program, including:
• Program design consulting
• Customized equipment
• Experienced manpower
They know we have a proven ability to develop these programs in challenging, remote and inhospitable locations - without flinching. They know we have unparalleled expertise in developing specialized rigs and modified equipment that perfectly meet the requirements of each program, no matter how unconventional.
They know we staff our drilling crews with dedicated and experienced drillers, ensuring that programs are carried out professionally, safely and cost effectively.
They know they can trust Core Logix to deliver results.


1 (855) 267.4641 (CAN)
1 (855) 335.6107 (USA)