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Xcalibur Airborne Geophysics
The Company

Xcalibur Airborne Geophysics is a South Africa based airborne geophysical company that specializes in ultra-high resolution and standard airborne surveys throughout Africa. (Gradient magnetics and radiometrics, Time-domain EM, Gravimetry) Our fleet of aircraft comprises the robust turbine Air Tractors, turbine Islanders (BN-2T), Jet Rangers and Eurocopters. This enables the company to collect data at lower ground clearance (typically 10m to 40m) than commonly used in the airborne survey industry. Because spatial resolution and signal to noise ratios improve dramatically when flight altitude is reduced, low-level data provides significantly more detailed information for kimberlite detection, base and precious metal exploration, litho-structural mapping and mine planning. The survey height is generally only limited by the height of the vegetation and the presence of man-made features such as power lines, buildings and antennae.
Xcalibur has been in operation for over ten years and has an excellent safety record. We have collected approximately 2.5 million line-km of low-level data. The company has operated successfully in most African countries, and in Canada. Client base includes most major mining companies and many junior exploration companies. In addition to the specialized field of high-resolution magnetics and radiometrics, Xcalibur uses the twin turbine Islander aircraft to provide regional gravity, magnetic and radiometric surveys. These aircraft have the capability of operating at low speeds (80 knots) and are ideal for high resolution gravity surveys for hydrocarbon exploration over water.

The Equipment

Xcalibur provides unique airborne platforms that are equipped with state of the art navigational, positioning and geophysical equipment. The DGPS allows for accurate positioning of better than 1 meter, which is adequate for most airborne surveys. The navigational system allows for accurate dynamic navigation along pre-determined flight paths, which will ensure that data quality is maintained. High-resolution wingtip mounted magnet sensors and multi-crystal pack spectrometers on the fixed wing aircraft and boom mounted magnetic sensors on the helicopters are used to measure the horizontal magnetic gradients and radioactive emissions. The gradient technique allows for the optimization of quality and efficiency in measuring the magnetic field, which is ultimately to the Client's benefit.
We use the popular and safe agriculturally rated Air Tractors, Twin turbine Islanders, Eurocopter and Bell series helicopters. These aircraft cover all the demands of airborne surveying and can collect data for low-level surveys (10m-40m from the ground) or for any standard regional airborne survey. Lower levels are particularly useful for collecting accurate radiometric and magnetic data suitable for environmental, groundwater, brown-fields exploration, engineering and UXO applications.

The Products

Xcalibur aims to satisfy the Client's needs. We therefore offer products that range from industry standard airborne requirements to complete solutions. Depending on the client's in-house resources we offer services that include the design of surveys based on geo-scientific principles, the QC of surveys, data acquisition, data processing, data interpretation, data integration and professional final product presentation. Our solid background in geology, geophysics and GIS enable us to do this and the fact that we exceeded the 2, 000, 000 line-km milestone in 2011 illustrates our commitment to the industry.
State of the art software for producing the end products helps us to fulfil our commitments. To this end GEOSOFT and ENCOM TECHNLOLOGY software modules are used to design, QC, process and interpret the airborne data. In addition 3D modelling software is used to provide full 3D solutions where necessary. Final products are integrated and rounded off on industry standard GIS platforms.

Contact Us

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