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Avannaa Resources Limited
Avannaa Resources was founded in the UK in November 2006. Avannaa’s primary geographical focus is Greenland. Commodity targets include precious metals, rare earth elements, base metals and diamonds.
All of the executive directors are geologists. The board and advisors all have experience in Greenland and have undertaken more than 100 field seasons since 1964. The team combines senior management experience in blue chip companies with a strong background in Greenland geology and mineral exploration together with an excellent network in the Greenland mining, government and research communities.

Avannaa Resources is a mineral exploration company founded in 2006 and working exclusively in Greenland.
Avannaa’s present project portfolio includes:
Washington Land Pb-Zn
A large MVT lead-zinc district that lies in a well known zinc belt stretching into Northern Canada (partner with Boliden)
Central East Greenland Cu
A sedimentary hosted copper district that has analogies both to the Central African Copper belt and the Upper Permian copper district of Central Europe (partner with Anglo American)
Kangerluarsuk Pb-Zn
A sedex-type lead-zinc project in a major palaeo-protozoic lead-zinc basin that is host to the nearby Black Angel mine (partner opportunity)
Disko-Nuussuaq Ni-Cu-PGE
Noril’sk-type magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE targets at the base of the West Greenland Tertiary basalt province which has one of the world’s largest accumulations of high-magnesium picritic lavas (partner opportunity)
Avannaa’s objective is the discovery of new deposits in Greenland. We aim to find giant deposits with robust economics, and to this end we focus on base metals that have a large market, and on a limited group of deposit types that we believe will deliver these objectives.
Avannaa has strong expertise in grass roots exploration and knowledge of the geology and mineral exploration opportunities in Greenland. This expertise is being exploited in North, East and West Greenland.

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