Hilliard Brake Systems

Braking Systems

The Hilliard Corporation is a world leader in industrial braking technology. Hilliard braking systems has a proven track record of performance, reliability and value to our customers. Hilliard Corporation offers an entire range of industrial modular brakes, caliper brakes, rail and disk brakes, electric brakes and products such as power units, mounting brackets, and discs and hubs. Choose from our complete line of fail-safe and active braking systems to meet the needs of your specific application.
With more than 110 years of experience, put Hilliard's industrial brakes to work for your specific application or industry.

The Hilliard BBH1 Power Unit is a base model that includes on/off and ramped braking modes. With integral manifold mounting and heavy duty pump with fail-safe design, many options are available to customize the system to the specific needs of the application.

Hilliard Electric Brakes provide positive stopping and reliable holding of rotating devices on demand-every time. Spring engaged when current is interrupted and electromagnetically relased when voltage is applied, these brakes are designed for maximum flexibility and long, dependable service. Each brake has an easy-to-adjust wear bolt to compensate for friction service wear and extend the life of the brake.

The A300 is an arm style caliper brake designed to accept a large selection of Hilliard thrusters. These thrusters include spring applied hydraulic released, spring applied pneumatic released, hydraulic applied spring released, and pneumatic applied spring released. The A300 requires a minimum disc diameter of 12" and is offered in 4 sizes to accommodate a ½", 1", 1-3/16", and 1-1/2" thick disc. The design of the caliper allows the user to quickly convert between right and left-handed designs eliminating the need for multiple part numbers.

The Hilliard M200 brake caliper is a hydraulic applied, spring retracted brake caliper for use in heavy duty industrial applications. The brake caliper is suitable for outdoor applications and has been designed for use in many different extreme environments.