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The wood column collection from Erickson features the traditional combination of natural materials and timeless beauty. Each column is produced with proportional straight and tapered shafts creating a balanced architectural entasis. Entasis, attributed to ancient Greek architecture, is the slight convex curving of the column shaft resulting in a most pleasing appearance.


Constructed from premium quality PVC, these columns have been beautifully designed and are engineered to last. Prestige DIY Products offer the elegant beauty of traditional wood features, while being virtually maintenance-free. With the Prestige Advantage, you can expect to enjoy them for as long as you own your home. Prestige columns come plain, raised or fluted, require no fasteners or putty, and are fully paintable.

Columns make a statement of beauty, style, and elegance. Amplify these traits of your home with the sleek shape, classic styling, and graceful design of the majestic column. They are manufactured from high density, highly advanced fiberglass polymers that resist impact damage and are virtually maintenance-free.

Superior Aluminum columns are versatile. They can be used to create a classical mood on homes, churches, office buildings, schools, libraries, motels, museums and other public buildings. Residential or commercial, indoors or out, beautiful aluminum columns are the low-cost way to add a touch of class to your architectural designs.